May 15, 2019

Tesla’s Innovative Future

Tesla’s Electric New World.

In the wake of pressing climate change, Tesla has risen to the occasion by creating sources for cleaner energy with sustainable energy generation, batteries and electric cars. Independently, these components can reduce carbon footprints and emissions, as well as reduce the impact of humanity  and on the environment. Combined, they can radically aid the world in transitioning from coal and fossil fuel to renewable, more cost-effective energy sources.

A Plan for the Future

While known for their electric cars, innovative company Tesla has many other innovations to offer to the environmentally-conscious individual. Among these is the Solar Roof, comprising of durable glass tiles that both fit the design of homes and are cost effective by supplying energy to the home, battery storage systems and back to the grid again. These photovoltaic cells are rendered practically invisible by their glass surfaces, and homeowners can choose which areas of their roofs can contain these cells. Additionally, it comes in either textured glass, slate glass, Tuscan glass or smooth glass tiles to complement various architectural forms.

Tesla also recommends that Solar Roof be paired with the Powerwall: a rechargeable lithium-ion battery – the same battery in most technological devices – designed to use solar power, be an emergency back-up power source, have time-based control and other grid service applications. It currently has 13.5 kWh of useable capacity, can be mounted either indoors or outdoors, and integrated with the grid for exporting the most amount of energy. Its more business- and utilities-oriented counterpart, Powerpack, is matched with a Tesla inverter that can connect up to twenty Packs, and further maximises the amount of renewable power.

Better yet, the Powerwall and Powerpacks do not require radical changes to the look of the home or building design-wise. Their overall design is as clean as their overall contribution to the environment. These energy solutions are present not just in the United States, but in our local Australia as well. In South Australia and Queensland, both individual residents and schools have benefited from the Powerpack systems, each using wind and solar energy respectively.

If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.

On the Road with Electric Cars

While electric cars now are no longer entirely new, they still carry the air of futurism. That vision of the future is constantly being reimagined at Tesla, bringing it closer to our present by their all-electric SUV Model Y and the ‘supercar’ Roadster, which Tesla boasts as “the quickest car in the world”. Recently, the cars have added more advanced safety measures, particularly with the autopilot feature built into the Model 3 cars.

Perhaps the most advanced introduction to their automotive line, however, is the Tesla Semi. Outfitted with the smooth, responsive driving and high safety standards that come with all Tesla cars, the Tesla Semi and its cabin is designed for both the driver and other road users. With less parts to decouple and manage, it prevents the Semi from jack-knifing and is ultimately much more efficient to upkeep.

Current of Change

The synergy and connectivity of Tesla products is proof of their commitment and contribution to the  evolution of human lifestyles and ensuring that there is a future on Earth to begin with. Their work is proof that, despite industrial and technological practices that harm the environment, technology can also be used to help save it. Tesla proves that, with the ambitions and resources available to them, dreams of the future are no longer just dreams.

For Tesla, the future is now, and it is here for the taking.

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