November 3, 2021

The Nine Hottest Jewellery Brands To Invest In This Holiday Season

The Nine Hottest Jewellery Brands To Invest In This Holiday Season
This no brainer guide will help elevate your style ahead of the festive season.

It's not surprising that jewellery was our fashion saving grace during a year dominated by an endless rotation of activewear. Jewellery has unquestionably proven itself as a mainstay of the modern-day, whether it is dressing up for zoom calls with a favourite pair of earrings or creating new ways of expressing oneself through curated or fun experimental arrangements of rings, necklaces or bracelets.
This is why we thought it would be a great time to start thinking about more elaborate outfits with accessories taking centre stage.
There's no room for hesitation when choosing the right jewellery to upgrade your style, even the most basic attire can go from drab to fab, taking your outfit to the next level. Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, everyone is welcome in this world of shine!

Here is our no-brainer guide to elevate your look before the holidays or perhaps even give you some gift ideas for those on the hunt for something with a little sparkle for Christmas.

"I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to jewellery design, preferring simpler and purer pieces. Having experienced Covid lockdowns, my style has undergone a slight refinement, and each piece of jewellery I wear has a meaning to me. "
Maria EIC Casper Magazine

Dior - Rose Des Vents Necklace

A delicate and elegant design the Monsieur Dior's lucky star is reinterpreted by Victoire de Castellane as an eight-pointed wind rose.
A twist of grains encircles the medallion, which rotates between a gemstone side and a wind rose side.

RRP : $3,640.00

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Fiorina Jewellery was founded in 1994 and weaves a unique mix of Victorian, Byzantine, Etruscan, and Art Deco charms with energy and insights from the New World.

Fiorina's vision was to create a bespoke jewellery outlet for clients seeking distinctive and original designs.

The collections are embellished with antique coins, tassels, charms, precious stones, pearls, and the finest Italian chains.  

A treasure for generations, these highly decorative jewels last a lifetime. Fiorina Jewellery is based in Melbourne and specializes in quality, handmade designs that are often limited edition, making them highly collectible and appealing to an international clientele.

"Jewellery is no longer just an accessory; I see it as an extension of one's emotional and personal expression."
Fiorina Golotta, Founder, Fiorina Jewellery

My favourite piece?

Gold Oracle Eye Bracelet

Wear it for its protection and for its old-world charm, the Evil Eye. Featuring eye-catching blue sapphire and white spinels and crystal-infused roundels. 

RRP: $ 4,580.00


Tiffany T Narrow Wire Bracelet in 18k Gold

An elegant aesthetic is embodied by this bracelet's slender "T" motif. The perfect reminder of the bonds we sense but can't always see, the Tiffany T collection is as multifaceted as it is iconic. Wear it on its own or combine the bracelet with other Tiffany T designs for a touch of sophistication.

RRP: $2700.00



Musson has been providing Sydney and the world with the finest jewellery for over 40 years. Specializing in bespoke designs, Musson is also a premier stockist of Forevermark Diamonds.

  • Each diamond is responsibly sourced from rough to polished; particular care has been taken to ensure responsible business practices, support the advancement of women, and protect the natural world, which is the ultimate source of diamonds.
  • Sourcing: the rough diamond is liberated from carefully selected mines around the world in countries such a South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Canada and are mined deep below ground, from the ocean and even beneath an Arctic Lake – with each mine required to uphold high business, social and environmental standards ensuring it has benefitted the community where it originated. 
  • Protecting the natural world: protection of the landscapes and ecosystems throughout the diamond-producing regions of Southern Africa and Canada – for every hectare of land used for mining by the De Beers Group, six hectares are dedicated to conserving nature. 

My favourite piece?

Amore DeBeers Forevermark Diamond Heart Pendant

Available in 18ct rose, white or yellow gold. Made bespoke in their Sydney studio. The pendant is made from 18ct white gold and is fitted to an 18ct diamond cut trace link chain, 45cm in length, with a 42cm shortening stop.

RRP: $ 2,850.00


Gucci - Icon ring with gemstones

If there is one thing that fashion house Gucci does very well it's a statement ring and the classic Icon ring is no exception! This ring is part of the House's eclectic narrative, the Icon collection incorporates motifs that have become distinctive to the Gucci world. Crafted in 18k yellow gold, the planet, the bee, the star and the Interlocking G are set against a white zirconia band and alternate with multicolour gemstones.

RRP: $ 1,415.00


Maison Tjoeng

Yasmin draws inspiration from her own vibrant background and culture, with Chinese and European heritage, featuring handcrafted designs with emeralds, sapphires, azurite, and unique stones like malachite and marble rarely seen in fine jewellery.

My favourite piece?

Midnight Adagio Ear Cuff

Ridged ear cuff, which is widest at the centre and tapers off at each end, this sleek ear cuff features two bezel set baguette diamonds in 18k gold. Choose between yellow, rose or white gold.

RRP: $3,205.00


Released from Love

Hannah and Lachlan with their small team of Australian artisans design and ethically manufacture every piece. 

Every piece is made with the label's own "anti-kosmímata" technique, which Hannah and Lachlan created while learning traditional fine jewellery techniques two years before launching the brand.

This technique combines standard, fine, and modern jewellery methods, with each piece made to last centuries, not seasons. RFL exclusively uses luxury materials of sterling silver and 24ct gold vermeil. The Responsible Jewellery Council certifies their precious metal suppliers as Australian, and in addition, RFL sources its materials ethically and responsibly from conflict-free areas in Australia.

 My favourite piece?

Classic Detachable Earrings 002

With a classic design and distinctive use of aesthetic contradiction, the Classic Detachable Earrings 002 is ethically handcrafted in Australia from recycled sterling silver and 24 karats gold vermeil. Perfect meets imperfect; abstract meets minimal; delicate meets chunky. Warn with or without the detachable pearls, these hoops are the quintessential trans-seasonal piece. 

RRP: $350.00


Leyla Rose Collection

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Leyla Rose Fine Silver collection is part of the Gregory Jewellers expansive portfolio. With an affordable selection of pieces for the budget-savvy modern woman! A collection designed by women for women. 

"The collection itself has such special personal significance. Leyla Rose has provided an amazing opportunity not only to express my creativity but also channel my family's legacy into a collection that speaks to a diverse spectrum of women," said Leyla Rose Creative Director Sara Gregory.

My favourite piece?

Leyla Rose Mabel Petite Multi Disc Silver Necklace

Stylish and understated, this is the perfect accessory for all occasions. They are crafted in sterling silver, featuring concaved multi discs complemented with a high polish finish and rhodium plating.

 RRP: $ 320.00


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Cover Image photo credits: Fiorina Jewellery
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The Nine Hottest Jewellery Brands To Invest In This Holiday Season