The Non-Alcoholic Beverages You Need in Your Fridge This Summer
Discover a Fresh Summer Sip: Zero-Alcohol, Maximum Flavor!

Whether you're hosting a crowd or seeking a new signature alcohol-free drink, there are plenty of delicious non-alcoholic options to enjoy this summer. With a growing array of zero-alcohol beverages hitting the shelves, our mission is to discover sophisticated sips that don't merely mimic traditional alcoholic drinks like wine or beer, nor resemble plain old orange juice.

Not sure where to start? Here's our go-to guide to the top non-alcoholic beverages you should have on hand this summer:

1. Vinada Crispy Chardonnay

Vinada's Crispy Chardonnay, crowned "Best Vegan Drink 2023 at The World Alcohol-Free Awards," needs no introduction. This premium non-alcoholic sparkling wine boasts a sophisticated flavor profile, featuring a rich blend of apples, melons, and citrus, making it the perfect choice for a warm summer day. It derives its authentic flavour from a unique blend of genuine Chardonnay grapes from the French region of Languedoc, all without the alcohol content.


2. Nocktail

For those seeking something more fun and fruity to embrace the summer spirit, Nocktail's zero-alcohol canned drinks are packed with 100% flavour. Available in three delightful flavours—Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Mai Tai—this beverage epitomises good vibes. And the best part? No artificial colors or flavours, meaning you can indulge without the guilt that often accompanies alcohol consumption.


3. NON8

Taking a break from alcoholic beverages doesn't mean sacrificing flavor. NON was conceived to offer delectable non-alcoholic wine alternatives that pair perfectly with fine cuisine, enhancing the dining experience. Their latest creation, NON8, will undoubtedly occupy a prominent place in our fridge this summer. It features a refreshing apple-based flavour infused with a blend of Keemun Tea and Oolong tea. Serve it chilled alongside creamy pasta or fresh veggies at your next daylight savings dinner to make a lasting impression.


4. Bravus Blood Orange

When it comes to non-alcoholic beers, options abound, but nailing the taste can be a challenge. However, we firmly believe that Bravus Blood Orange IPA is the ultimate summer sip. This craft brew combines the fruity notes of blood orange with the bitterness of an IPA, creating a refreshing, chilled delight with a crisp mouthfeel. Even non-beer enthusiasts will appreciate this selection, and with no alcohol, it's a choice that can't go wrong.


5. Sea Arch Coastal Juniper

If you're dreading the thought of giving up your beloved G&T's, consider dipping your toe into the world of Sea & T. Sea Arch Coastal Juniper is a refreshing non-alcoholic spirit crafted with natural botanicals such as sea kelp, samphire, cardamom, and blood orange—all without the alcohol. Mix it with tonic water and plenty of ice for a delightful alcohol-free and guilt-free cocktail experience this weekend.


Try This Recipe

Mango Tango


100ml Vinada® Amazing Airén Gold 

60ml fresh mango juice 

1-2 mint sprigs 

Sugar (garnish) 

Crushed ice 


Moisten the top edge of the glass, then twist the glass around in the sugar to ensure the entire rim is coated. Fill the glass with ice and then add the mango juice. Fill up the glass with Vinada® Amazing Airén Gold. Garnish with mango and mint sprigs. 


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The Non-Alcoholic Beverages You Need in Your Fridge This Summer