July 19, 2022

The Trend of Mismatched Dinnerware is Here to Stay!

The Trend of Mismatched Dinnerware is Here to Stay!
Contrary to fashion, where coordinated colours are in, table fashion is all about mixtures.

This year, statement glassware has definitely taken off. It's hard not to notice a mix of colourful glassware, chunky stems, and rippled curves, so perhaps it's time to hide the plain clear wine glasses, because your table is about to get a serious makeover – let's get started!

Glasses can add a lot of aesthetics and enjoyment to everyday life, and they should never be underestimated for how much of a difference they can make to the overall experience. A restaurant or bar wouldn't serve Dom Perignon in a champagne flute from IKEA, would they?

The enjoyment of drinking (and, of course, the mood) are always enhanced by beautiful glassware.

I really like how the current trend is colourful and playful, boosting moods instantly with its power of colour.

Now is a great time to make those minor interior style adjustments and get a little creative. Whether you like a unique, custom design or prefer a little treasure from your local vintage store, there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. Etsy is also a great place to find some very cool and unique retro styles if you're looking for something a little different, quirky, and usually home-made.

However, keeping in mind that we want to make your life a tad easier, we've scoured the internet for the most stylish coloured glassware and we've got a line-up of ranges that will make any event delightfully Instagram-worthy (and drinkable) – all thanks to our interior design queen, Maria.

Two Wave Flutes in Pink by Fazeek

Fazeek Two Wave Flute

Featured across social media, these wave coupe glasses from Fazeek are the ultimate statement piece. With its iconic rippled edges, this coupe is the most Instagrammable way to enjoy champagne.  

RRP: $119.00 (set of two)

Cuttings wine glasses By Polspotten

POLSPOTTEN Cuttings Wine Glasses

Your friends will love it when you host dinner parties with these POLSPOTTEN coloured wine glasses! They add pops of colour to any table setting.

RRP: $255 (set of six)

Estelle Champagne Single Coupe Glass

Estelle Champagne Single Coupe Glass  

These hand-blown, delicately crafted coloured glasses are made in Poland by glass partitions and will add elegance to any event. Choose from lavender, blush pink, amethyst, forest green, emerald green, yellow, cobalt blue, mint green, red, rose, fuchsia, amber smoke, grey smoke, and black.

RRP: $45.00 each

Noritake Speedy Water Tumblers & Goblets

Noritake Speedy Water Tumblers & Goblets

These beautifully elegant Noritake Speedy Water Tumblers and Goblets will look the part on your drinks trolley or when entertaining. Each piece is handmade by IVV Italian master glassmakers and features a stylish ribbed texture so they feel as special as they look.

It's the perfect way to pamper guests.

RRP: $162.50 for Tumblers; $272.50 for Goblets (set of six)
Set of 6 Goblets Texture Blue/Green Nuances by Bitossi Homes

Bitossi Home

Beautifully handcrafted Bitossi Home is a tableware brand based in Tuscany, Italy. With ceramicists dating back to 1537, the Bitossi family infuse Italian design with a sense of modernity in their eye-catching Bitossi Home collection.

RRP: €104.00/AUD$154 (set of 6)

Mrs. Alice Hobnail Set of Six Glass Tumblers in Green

Mrs. Alice Hobnail Tumblers

Mrs. Alice has mastered the art of table-scaping with a collection of curated homeware that's designed to "take the hassle out of hosting." A set of six, these colorued glass tumblers are detailed with a textured 'Hobnail' pattern that matches the jug.

RRP: $269.65 (set of six)

Two Wave Coupe Glasses by Fazeek

Two Wave Coupe Glasses – Amber

These glasses are a modern and playful reimagining of a glassware classic.

Featuring an elegant, elongated stem and a wide bowl embellished with beautiful signature rippled edges, these hand-blown glasses are the ultimate vessel for serving your favourite sparkling varietals, decadent cocktails, or delicious desserts.

RRP: $119.00 (set of two)
Vue Sentiment Champagne Glass
Vue Sentiment Champagne Glasses

Adding Vue Sentiment Champagne Glasses to your table is a great way to make your table stand out. There is something ethereal and minimal about their aesthetic, making them ideal for any occasion.

RRP: $39.95 (set of four)

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The Trend of Mismatched Dinnerware is Here to Stay!