The Ultimate At-Home Yoga Guide

The Ultimate At-Home Yoga Guide
Can’t afford to zen out in Bali or Thailand? Wind-down from your lounge-room with our handy how-to.

Is there anything more luxurious than two blissful days at a yoga retreat? It’s the perfect time to switch off, unwind, and escape from everything and everyone. For one, you get to focus on YOU and you alone. The food is always super healthy, wholesome, and delicious. And without all the outside world's distractions, your mental discipline becomes fool-proof, allowing you to go deeper inside your body and mind.

But the thing with yoga retreats is that they can be expensive. Combine that with inflation, and a wellness getaway can feel out-of-reach. But what if we told you that you could achieve the same level of self-care and relaxation without draining your budget?

Read on for surprisingly simple ways to get all the R&R you’ve been craving – from the comfort of your home!

Prepare your space

The first step is to find a comfortable space in your home. Living rooms often double as the perfect zen-den, but a corner in your bedroom will do just fine. Clear away or cover up any unnecessary objects so that you’re not doing downward dog next to your work laptop.

Place your go-to calming materials around the room, whether that includes your favourite yoga mat, candles and incense, or plants and cushions. You may also want to introduce props like a block, ball, or bolster

Fuel your practice

Close down the UberEats app. Put down the microwave meals. An at-home yoga retreat is all about nourishing, hearty food that will sustain you, as you twist and bend your way to inner peace.

Vegetable soups, fruit smoothies, and fresh salads are great choices, but don’t be afraid to include lean meats, free-range eggs, and oily fish if you’re an omnivore. Nuts, seeds, and cold-pressed juices make perfect snacks.

Most importantly, plan ahead, seek out recipes that you’ve always wanted to try, and buy organic where possible.

Switch off

This might be the hardest part, but you'll need to disconnect from technology to get the full benefits of a yoga retreat.

You know what that means – no phone, tablet, computer, tv, or any other device you find yourself tethered to during your daily (and nightly) grind. Try to unplug for the duration of your retreat if you can – it will do wonders for your focus. But if that’s all a bit much, at least switch off during practice time.

Carve out a schedule.

A yoga retreat in the rainforest or by the ocean will usually follow some kind of schedule, so your DIY version should too.

You might opt for a morning power flow followed by breakfast, coupled with a gentle walk around your neighbourhood and some reading time before enjoying a home-cooked lunch.

Your afternoon should include a second practice, such as a yin or hatha flow, and some dedicated meditation. Unwind during the evening, and try a pamper session, warm bath, and journaling (in that order!)

Don’t forget to indulge in a decadent, nutritious dinner, and make sure to get a solid eight hours of beauty sleep.

Choose a practice you enjoy.

There’s no point in creating an at-home yoga retreat if you dread the actual movement part. Fortunately, you can try a whole range of styles, whether you like high-intensity workouts or seeking something more restorative.

Into hot yoga? Pump the heating and sweat it out Bikram style on your mat. Prefer a more spiritual practice? Try Ashtanga.

Most retreats will encourage at least two 45-60 minute sessions per day. But you’re in control, so do what makes sense for you and your body.

If you already have a membership to a virtual studio, browse their class collection and give a few different styles a go. If not, Yogaholics offer unlimited yoga for just $12 a month (plus a free trial for newbies). Classes include vinyasa, kundalini, yin, and prenatal, among others.

Yoga With Adriene delivers some amazing classes too, and they’re all free to access via YouTube. You’ll find everything from high-impact energy flows to revitalising sessions for injury prevention.

Not a yogi? It’s not for everyone. If you’re more of a barre or pilates devotee, you might prefer workouts from Pilates Anytime or Barre Body.

Now, get out your diary and start planning your at-home retreat!

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Happy stretching!

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The Ultimate At-Home Yoga Guide