The Ultimate Dining Guide to this Year's Melbourne Fashion Festival
Casper's EICs' go-to hotspot for chic and stylish eats!

Melbourne is a runway of culture and couture, but the real show starts after hours. Whether you’re with your BFFs or fashion posse in tow, see where Casper's EIC enjoys sipping on drinks for an unforgettable night out this Fashion Festival!

For a taste of luxury and chic, the Lucas Group is here to take you on an exceptional night out!

1) Society

Step into the dazzling world of The Society Dining Room, an exquisite experience like no other in Melbourne. Luxurious booth seating combines with velvety furnishings and glittering crystal installations to create a sophisticated atmosphere unlike any other. Glimpse out of soaring windows to take in all that Collins Street has to offer - it'll take your breath away! Then sit back as you craft your own unique dining adventure – every visit is sure be unforgettable!

All aboard luxury express, get onboard this experience now!

2) Yakimono

For lovers of sci-fi (and for those who want to be the main character this MFF), Yakimono is the restaurant you need to visit when in town. Inspired by the neon-lit visuals of Blade Runner, the venue immediately greets you with hues of pink, purple, and blue on glass walls, with orb lights setting a futuristic mood while you dine.

Their menu is uniquely Japanese inspired, filled with smoked-eel udon, crispy gyoza bites, mochi waffles with smoked salmon roe, or raw handrolls, if that’s more your speed. For dessert, their Yaki-cult ice-cream sandwich is delicious, or banana-shiitake cake for something warm. And with a dozen Victorian beers, eight Japanese beers, and a massive range of sake, shochu, Japanese whiskies, and inspired cocktails, Yakimono has got your next night out sorted! Book it here.

3) Chin Chin

True Melburnians know that Chin Chin restaurant is the destination for all things delicious. High-end dining experiences have never been so enjoyable - with dim lighting, upbeat music and masterfully crafted dishes created by none other than Benjamin Cooper himself! From Pad Thai to Papaya Salads, Massaman Curry to specialty Asian beers and cocktails -- come explore a culinary journey at this legendary eatery. So why wait? Get your taste buds ready as we take you on an unforgettable adventure in one of the city's most exciting restaurants!

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The perfect combination for dinner & drinks - Supernormal at Flinders Lane.

4) Supernormal

Let your taste buds take a trip to Asia with Supernormal, the city's hottest spot for exotic dishes. From melt-in-your mouth Chinese dumplings, bao and Szechuan brisket to delectable Korean BBQ pork shoulder and kimchi plus droolworthy Japanese ramen - this restaurant has it all! And you better get ready to snap some selfies while lounging in their invitingly lit dining space complete with neon cherries on display outside. Andrew McConnell is waiting patiently at the kitchen bar so book now before everyone else does; don't regret missing out later!

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Take your palette on an adventure with Tonka!

5) Tonka

Also located in the CBD off Flinders Lane is Tonka, a modern Indian-inspired space suited for every palette and occasion. Divided into three sections, the entrance doubles as a bar, the second section is a hybrid restaurant-bar with a stunning view of Flinders Street, and the third space is the restaurant itself, which features banquet seating throughout. For light eating, the soft shell crab pakoras and Indian-inspired tuna tartare is fantastic, while more family-friendly dishes like goan fish curry or corn-fed chicken are fan favourites. Featuring distressed walls, atmospheric lighting, and great views, Tonka is waiting for you to book your place!

Gippsland in the heart of Melbourne

6) Farmer’s Daughter

For all you Melbournians who are looking for a fresh dining experience, Farmer's Daughter is the pick of Casper! Brought to life by Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia Pastuso, this CBD hotspot has something special - it captures Gippsland’s nature in every bite. From beef-cheek pastrami rolls at their deli kitchen on ground level to seven-course menus up top with starters like thickly sliced bread and alpine trout or caviar coupled with seasonal produce.. there’s no shortage of gastronomic adventure! And if that wasn't enough – they've even got a garden rooftop bar where city dwellers and fashionistas can wind down and de-brief over their go-to cocktail.

Book it ASAP!

Step into Gertrude Street's secret bistro.

7) Poodle Bar and Bistro

Slip away to Poodle Bar & Bistro, hidden in Fitzroy's iconic Gertrude Street. This charming itsy bitsy eatery boasts a mix of European charm and Aussie atmosphere - downstairs, you'll find marble bars, while out back, a beautiful terracotta courtyard awaits with its walk-in cellar! Sample Melbourne chef Josh Fry’s divine dishes, such as succulent seafood bites like rock oysters or prawn cocktails for starters; enjoy mains from classic club sandwiches to unique honeycomb tripe, then finish up the meal on a sweet note with their delightful chocolate Alaska parfait!


Come discover James' unique menu

8) James

Before last night's much-anticipated runway show, our Editor in Chief was taken on a culinary journey courtesy of Chef Sangsoo Kim at James. With influences from Korean preparations like kimchi to Australian native foods and elements picked up during pub stints, this playful menu had Maria singing its praises! She insists that two dishes are an absolute must try - Charred Cucumber & Black Lip Abalone Shell - you won't want to miss this!

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Our round-up of the best spots should give you plenty of choices for your post-show shenanigans. Whether you’re looking for a classy evening out with friends or a casual dining experience, there’s something to do for everyone and this year has been filled with more fashion and food than ever before – so don't miss out and get amongst it!

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The Ultimate Dining Guide to this Year's Melbourne Fashion Festival