This October, Embark on a Middle Eastern journey with Aalia's Paul Farag x Alan Geaam
The Mesmeric Middle Eastern Sojourn at AALIA

There's a palpable excitement in the Sydney air this October, and I'm gearing up to be a part of it. As a dedicated gastronome and ardent lover of all things culinary, I eagerly earmark dates that promise an unparalleled dining experience. And this October has offered just that—a modern-day culinary journey rooted in the warmth of the Middle East.

AALIA, an emblem of gastronomic finesse, is wrapping up its 2023 Chef Series with a grand crescendo, featuring a stellar collaboration between the in-house maestro, Executive Chef Paul Farag, and the globally acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, Alan Geaam.

While Geaam is known for melding traditional Lebanese recipes with a French finesse, Farag brings a passion for boundary-pushing culinary exploration. As someone who's dined across the globe, I'm elated that this blend of two culinary universes is unfolding in Sydney. This, dear readers, isn't just another dinner—it's a chance for all of us, especially if you're local, to embrace a modern-day culinary adventure that feels like a warm Middle Eastern embrace.

The meticulously crafted menu speaks of stories, traditions, and innovation. With delicacies like hummus cornet crowned with trout roe and nuts, and the divine lobster paired with freekeh and arak, I'm all set to traverse the varied landscapes of the Middle East, one bite at a time. And the desserts? Well, the sweet brik pastry baklava, in particular, promises to be the kind of sweet symphony I've been yearning for.

At AALIA, we're dedicated to pushing boundaries; that's why our chef series has been some of our most successful and much-loved evenings for our guests. I'm so excited to be collaborating with Alan and creating an exceptional menu that introduces a new perspective on Middle Eastern cuisine. - Executive Chef Paul Farag

Intriguingly, this isn't just about the food. With Eleonore Wulf, AALIA's Head Sommelier, weaving in a tapestry of Lebanese wines, the evening pledges to be a full-sensory voyage. Every sip promises to tell a tale, and I can't wait to listen.

If my words have kindled a spark of curiosity in you, I invite you to join me. Let's embark on this journey together, immersing ourselves in a medley of Middle Eastern charm and contemporary flair. After all, isn't life about collecting stories, experiences, and memories? And this October, AALIA promises a story that will linger on our palates and in our hearts for years to come.

Till then, stay gastronomically curious, and see you at AALIA on the 24th and 25th!

Reservations are now open, and anticipation is in the air. Tickets are coveted for this event. To secure your seat, visit:

Ground level, 25 Martin Place
(02) 9182 5880

Maria Ugrinovski

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This October, Embark on a Middle Eastern journey with Aalia's Paul Farag x Alan Geaam