August 4, 2022

Vibrant Dinnerware by In The Roundhouse: A Q&A with Co-Founder Alyce Tran

Vibrant Dinnerware by In The Roundhouse: A Q&A with Co-Founder Alyce Tran
We speak with Alyce Tran about In The Roundhouse and their gorgeous tableware.

In The Roundhouse is a gorgeous tableware brand that produces unique, vibrant pieces like no other. With a range of colourways, themes, and shapes, the company has something for every setting, giving character to dinners everywhere.

Our EIC, Maria, spoke with Alyce Tran, co-founder of In The Roundhouse, about their new collaboration. Our attention was captured by the bold and colourful designs in the unique collections, and we wanted to know more about them and find out some pro tips on tablescaping from someone in the know!

Would you mind telling us a bit about your professional and business background?

In a nutshell, I started my career as a lawyer. I worked as a judge's associate upon graduating law school and then at two big law firms, Allens and Mallesons, and then landed at a boutique law firm, where I quite enjoyed the work and the hours weren't as gruelling. That was where I turned more attention to my first side hustle, The Daily Edited (TDE), which I was excited to be able to exit last year. I then thought I might relax a bit, work fewer hours, and focus on In The Roundhouse, which I am, in part, but I am also now working part-time as a brand strategist for LTK (formerly rewardStyle), which is the world's largest influencer marketing platform, as well as consulting on some interesting projects in the consumer space. I think I am the ultimate slashie!

What inspired the creation of In The Roundhouse? 

We felt there was a bit of a gap in the market with accessibly priced, well designed tabletop items with a real point of difference. At the time, I was putting together a lot of events and did find it difficult to find unique products to really set my tablescapes apart, so the business just made sense.

How did the collaboration with Rum Cake Studio come about? 

We see a lot of events where Rum Cake artwork is paired with our plates, so, again, it made sense to reach out to them to see if they would like to do something together.

Which designs were inspired by what? And what is the design process like for you? 

I often try to draw or create something myself and, if I find the work that I produce is a bit lacklustre, I immediately think, who can I collaborate with to get my vision across? I look at trends generally in fashion and think about how they can be translated to the product vertical we are in. So, for example, our cosmic gradient plates were inspired by the blur Loewe print! 

In The Roundhouse Co-Founder Alyce Tran

Colour and sets that don't necessarily match are aspects I admire about your collections. It creates such a happy, joyful aesthetic. Does that factor into your designs for the new series? 

For sure; there is no point in making something that might be able to be purchased from another retailer/brand, so we are always thinking about how to differentiate! 

I think we're becoming more conscious of table styling these days. Can you share some of your favourite tips for setting a table? 

  • Don't be afraid to add a ton of colour – it doesn't matter if things don't match perfectly.
  • Florals are always a vibe.
  • Taper candles are a super easy way to create a bit of ambience.

Is there one piece every table setting must have? 

The Italian Words set has long been a favourite of everyone.

What’s your Sunday go to meal at home?

I love a pasta or a roast! 

Which of your collections would you serve it on if you had to choose?

Oh, this is so hard – at the moment, it is our bold colour collection.

Who would be your ultimate dinner guest?

I just like to be with my friends and family; as I am so "on" all the time with work, I think hosting an ultimate dinner guest would be quite stressful (or could an ultimate dinner guest be like a celebrity chef so they do all the cooking?).

And lastly, can you share any more collaborations for 2022?

Roundhouse + Rum cake

There are more coming – stay tuned!

Our thanks to Alyce Tran for talking to us about In The Roundhouse!

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Vibrant Dinnerware by In The Roundhouse: A Q&A with Co-Founder Alyce Tran