Wash Wild: Harnessing Australia's Botanical Power for Eco-Friendly Home and Body Care
Unveiling Nature's Secrets for Everyday Cleanliness

If you, like us and our founder Maria, are part of the growing wave of people who get a thrill from discovering household products that are as kind to the environment as they are to our skin, then you're in for a treat with this Casper Magazine feature!

We're diving into the realm of home and body care innovation, showcasing an Australian brand that's making waves. Meet Wash Wild – a name that's becoming synonymous not just with transforming the way we clean our homes but with revolutionising our approach to personal care. This brand stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and gentle, skin-friendly formulations, truly embodying the shift towards more conscious, everyday choices.

At the helm of Wash Wild is Belinda Everingham, who, having already made her mark with the iconic Bondi Wash, brings her passion and expertise to this new venture. Inspired by her childhood immersed in the Australian bush, Belinda's deep connection with nature has fuelled her vision to create products that are nurturing, natural, and fragrant. She dreamt of bringing the experience of the Australian wilderness into our daily routines, allowing for an 'escape to the bush', whether in the midst of a busy kitchen or during a relaxing bath.

What truly sets Wash Wild apart is its commitment to harnessing the best of Australia's natural offerings. The brand has skilfully incorporated native botanical oils, known for their potent antibacterial properties, in collaboration with the CSIRO. This has resulted in a product line that's not just about cleaning or skincare but about offering a sensory journey. Fragrances like lemon-scented eucalyptus and Tasmanian pepper transform mundane tasks into experiences that reconnect us with nature.

Since its launch in 2021, Wash Wild has rapidly gained popularity, a testament to the growing demand for products that are gentle on both our bodies and the environment. The range, boasting over 99% plant-derived ingredients, steers clear of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. This approach is in line with today's environmental consciousness, further emphasised by the brand's use of eco-friendly packaging.

The whole concept behind Wash Wild is creating a blend of Australian native oils that together are extremely effective on household pathogens. Through working on developing products for Bondi Wash and undertaking lab tests to confirm their efficacy, I discovered that different native oils work differently on different pathogens.  So a blend of different Australian native oils is more potent against a range of microbials than any one on its own. We then worked with CSIRO to develop the formulation for Wash Wild to develop a highly effective natural formulation. You really don’t need products to smell toxic or contain harsh chemicals to work – Australian native oils are a very effective alternative. - Belinda Everingham

Belinda's ambition to make Wash Wild accessible is evident. The products are readily available in over 300 Woolworths stores across Australia and online, bringing the essence of the Australian wilderness into everyday homes. This accessibility is coupled with a commitment to transparency and quality, ensuring that Wash Wild stands as a trustworthy choice for consumers.

At Casper Magazine, we champion brands that align with our ethos of being good for people and the planet, and Wash Wild perfectly fits this bill. The brand offers more than just effective cleaning and skincare solutions; it represents a movement towards a world that values cleanliness, sustainability, and the natural beauty of the Australian wild.

To experience the transformative power of Wash Wild for yourself, visit their website at www.washwild.com.au and explore their range. You can also find their products at over 300 Woolworths stores, making it easy to bring a touch of the Australian wilderness into your home. Wash Wild invites you to embrace nature's touch in your daily life, making every day an opportunity to connect with the wild beauty of Australia. 🌿🌱


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Wash Wild: Harnessing Australia's Botanical Power for Eco-Friendly Home and Body Care