Welcome to the World of NON – The Future of Drinks
Delicious Zero-alcohol drinks from NON.

Not all that long ago, non-drinkers had very few options when venturing to a bar or restaurant. Boring soda water, bitter tonic water, or sickly sweet (and seriously overpriced) mocktails were as extensive as things got for the sober curious.  And if you were staying in for a wine night with your girlfriends? Pfft. Forget it. Those non-alcoholic wines you’d pick up in the soft drink aisle of your local supermarket were about as satisfying as sticky cough syrup.

But as more and more people embrace a low-alcohol or zero-alcohol lifestyle – particularly Gen Zs and Millennials – booze-free beverages have had a major glow-up.

With venues like Brunswick Aces (a moderation distillery that serves and sells both alcoholic and non-alcoholic gin in inner-Melbourne) and Seadrift So-Bar (a non-alcoholic bar based in Sydney) popping up across the country, it’s safe to say we have entered a new age of drinking.

Yes, at long last, the future of drinks is here. And NON, a 0.0% ABV wine alternative, is leading the charge.

Founded by Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur and foodie, NON makes innovative drinks that are inspired by wine flavour profiles.

Produced by infusing dried fruits, herbs, and spices in hot water before filtering overnight, NON may sound more herbal tea than Savvy B, but the new Everyday Set might actually be the perfect tipple for anyone choosing not to drink – whether that be for health reasons, cultural background, pregnancy or breastfeeding, or because you’re the designated driver (or maybe you just don’t want to wake up with a headache the next day).

The set, which is vegan-certified, gluten-free and Halal, features three delectable flavours to wrap your lips around:

Oh, and did we mention NON actually tastes good?

NON Drinks

Melbourne-based cook Julia Busuttil Nishimura has even teamed up with NON to create a series of recipes that perfectly match with the Everyday Set, like her Gnocco fritto with prosciutto. You can find even more delicious recipes from Julia in her latest book, Around the table: Delicious food for everyday, which you can purchase via NON right now. 

What’s more, NON has a heart of gold and is a proud supporter of OzHarvest. The brand has committed to donating $10,000 to the food rescue organisation off the back of sales from the Everyday Set. So, you can please your tastebuds and your altruism by clicking ‘add to cart’.

And while we encourage you to crack open a bottle at home, you’ll also find NON at some of the country’s most high-profile dining spots. Our own Maria Ugrinovski had the pleasure of sampling NON a few weeks ago at an event held at Supernormal in Melbourne’s CBD, noting, ‘I actually felt as though I was drinking wine. The other interesting aspect of NON is that some of the varieties change flavour from when they’re first poured.’

But the best bit? NON has a real ‘come as you are’ mentality. It’s made to be enjoyed in a freestyle manner, sipped and served chilled. It’s ideal for special occasions, birthday celebrations, or just an average Tuesday night.

Discover the complete range here.


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Welcome to the World of NON – The Future of Drinks