July 31, 2022

What to Do in the Spanish Heaven Called Menorca

What to Do in the Spanish Heaven Called Menorca
Casper’s beauty editor shows you where to stay, drink, relax, and eat.

For those looking for the place to be in this European summer, my answer is loud and clear: Menorca, this tiny gem that’s part of the Balearic Islands in Spain, needs to be on your bucket list if you’re a lover of crystal-clear waters, blue skies, and secluded beaches. Yes, during July and August, the Spanish high season, it might be tricky to find a spot in the sand, but the beauty of Menorca is that its climate is just as stunning all year round. I recommend booking your stay for September or October if you have the chance!

I had never been to the Balearic Islands until this year, and I entirely fell in love right from the instant we landed in Mahon. To be honest, I have heard millions of good things about the island, so as you can imagine, my expectations were not low. The good news is that my stay in Menorca met all expectations! The weather was beautiful, the food was a dream (I go crazy for fresh fish and seafood), and the people were so charming and welcoming. 

At this point, I’ve probably caught your attention, and you might be typing Menorca into a search engine to figure out where to go. But don’t worry – I have the best recommendations for your next stay in Menorca, so grab a pen and paper, relax, and allow me to transport you to your next dreamy vacation.

Where to Stay

Faustino Gran

Faustino Gran is a luxurious complex in the historic centre of Ciutadella, bringing together three palaces and fifteen hectares of pine forest and culture by the sea. At this tranquil hotel, they offer a unique experience in Menorca between architectural heritage, wild nature, and classic yachts to access the most beautiful beaches on the island at your own pace. Sail through the Mediterranean and take a long lunch at Casa de Pau (fresh produce from its very own farm included), or enjoy extraordinary experiences in their Can Faustino Spa, with an indoor natural stone pool, a steam room, and a sauna, plus spa treatments (massages, body treatments and facials). 

Every room at Can Faustino, and Cal Bisbe & Llorenç, is meticulously designed to invite you to relax and switch off from your reality. They have a space for everyone, from single and double rooms to suites and private villas for up to 8 people. Luxury and history blend easily in Can Faustino, a sixteenth-century palace. Basically, a fine place to unwind and enjoy the charm of Menorca like you see in postcards.

I also recommend you try the Faustino Restaurant; we had dinner there, and the food was just divine – a mouth-watering gastronomic experience for your palate in a blooming garden.


Where to Drink

Cova d’en Xoroi 

A unique cave with one of the best sunset views in Menorca, this bar is accompanied by live music during the afternoon and music sessions after dusk located in Cala en Porter. The Cova d’en Xoroi is a must if you want to discover the island’s nightlife or take a thousand pics for your feed. Everyone is welcome, making it a perfect distraction for families during the day as you can enjoy the beautiful views from its terraces. At night it transforms into an ideal scene for having a drink, watching the sunset, and listening to music in a totally different environment. Book in advance if you want to have a good time at this strangely beautiful location.


Where to Relax

Cala Morell

Via Along Dusty Roads

Not your typical beach, Cala Morell is a small piece of heaven in the north of the island, where you can enjoy a swim and the views of its rocky surroundings. Don’t forget to check Ivette Beach Club, the perfect place to appreciate the Cala’s views if you are not in the mood for a swim or to get lost in golden views during the sunset with your favourite cocktail in hand.

Calas Macarella/Macarelleta

In my opinion, this is the best spot to admire crystal clear waters, the true essence of Mediterranean bliss! These two calas are only accessible by bus during the summer months, so look into a trip on a private boat if you are looking for something more exclusive. One way or another, they are a MUST – even when crowded, the magic is still there, no filters are needed. FYI: Macarelleta is known for being a nudist beach.

Es Talaier

Another virgin gem with crystal clear waters and white sand, but unlike Macarella, not so known to tourists, making it a great spot to relax and take it all in. Just breathe and look around.

Where to Eat

Cas Sucrer 

Via Along Dusty Roads

If the Balearic Islands are known for something gastronomically speaking, it would be their famous ensaimadas, a typical pastry that can be eaten for breakfast or snack. Cas Sucrer is located in the heart of Es Mercadal and is the place you should go if you have a sweet tooth and want to indulge. You can choose from empty ensaimadas or go all in with the ones filled with cream, chocolate, or cabello de angel (a delicious pumpkin jam that originated on these islands!).

Sa Musclera

Sa Musclera is a typical Minorcan restaurant located in the fishing village of Binibeca (one of the most beautiful villages on the island, with its tiny white houses all around – get the camera ready!). During high season, bookings are essential if you want to find a table. Mussels, squid, and other seafood are caught and served fresh every day.

Es Cranc

Es Cranc is located in the beautiful Fornells, a must to visit and walk along its seaside. Bookings are essential in Es Cranc, as they are one of the best restaurants on the island to offer the iconic lobster stew. Go here to taste a very juicy lobster dish (with branded bibs – we’re sure you don’t want to get stains all over your linen outfit!).

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What to Do in the Spanish Heaven Called Menorca