February 1, 2023

Wind Down at Adytum, Canberra’s Newest Urban Wellness Retreat

Wind Down at Adytum, Canberra’s Newest Urban Wellness Retreat
Visiting Canberra this summer? Rejuvenate your body and mind at Adytum.

Adytum is a serene holistic health and wellness retreat tucked neatly on Canberra’s Lonsdale Street. It offers visitors multi-sensory opportunities for healing and leisure – so, even if you weren’t planning on visiting the nation’s capital anytime soon, you definitely have good reason to now!

Established by entrepreneur Renée Douros, the Adytum brand is based on the third-place philosophy, a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg that suggests that the 'first place’ is your home, the ‘second place’ is work, and the ‘third place’ is the moments and spaces in between the two.

Adytum is our interpretation and exploration of the third place. It is fluid and applies to various physical and experiential mediums that aid the individual in manifesting their third-place. We believe that wellness is far more than being free from illness. It’s a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Oh! And here’s a fun fact. The word Adytum is derived from the ancient Greek language, meaning ‘innermost sanctuary of a temple’, reflecting the brand’s philosophical purpose to explore the inextricable connection between self-care and wellness via physical manifestations.

Adytum features everything from a full-service day spa to a movement lounge, where you can undertake Qigong, yoga, and even sound baths. There’s also a holistic health clinic, and a highly coveted bathhouse that offers guests a thermotherapy experience with a hot rock sauna, mineral pool, and a cold pail shower.

But it’s not all mindfulness and mediation – a complimentary refreshments cafe and a self-care and wellness store are found within the sanctum, too.

Think of it as your one-stop sanctuary for nourishing your mind, body, and soul!

It’s the perfect way to ring in the new year.

To book an appointment or to learn more, visit their website here.

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Wind Down at Adytum, Canberra’s Newest Urban Wellness Retreat