The Iconic Air Jordan 4: Expert Tips on Styles, Collaborations, and Care
From Classic to Customized: Discover the Ultimate Air Jordan 4 Guide for Epic Style and Perfect Fit

Take a look at the amazing Air Jordan 4 sneakers! Made famous by basketball legend Michael Jordan in the 90s, this shoe has made a big comeback thanks to the new movie "AIR" that's reignited 90s nostalgia in street fashion.

The Air Jordan line has a long and fascinating history - this iconic shoe was first established in 1984, and since then it has become one of the most hotly anticipated sneakers around. It's been worn by sports stars and fashion icons alike for more than 30 years, and it's easy to see why.

Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan himself, the Air Jordan 4 is packed with cool features that offer top-class comfort and performance. But it's not just the sneaker's functional aspects that make it so impressive. The sleek design and overall aesthetic appeal lend it a genuine air of iconic cool.

“A basic design is always functional. But a great design will say something."

Tinker Hatfield

But there's more to this fashion essential than just its design. Farfetch asked Zack Schlemmer, from the Stadium Goods sneaker boutique, to break down the most hyped collaborations, key styles, and insider tips on sizing and care. Read on to discover more about this beloved footwear hero.

Classic Colours

When Nike guru Tinker Hatfield set out to create the Air Jordan 4, he had one goal in mind: to enhance performance and functionality. By exchanging the previously leather side panels for breathable mesh and adding extra lace holes and wings, the shoe was customisable and easily adjustable for any wearer. With its clean lines and no-nonsense silhouette, the "Military Black" iteration is a contemporary celebration of the classic "Military Blue" design that debuted back in 1989. To give you more in-depth insight into this iconic sneaker, Stadium Goods' Zack Schlemmer explains, 'The sleek black and white colourway with miniature grey details proves to be an all-around versatile look, fitting seamlessly with any outfit.'

New Season Jordan Air Jordan 4 Retro "Military Black" sneakers

Bold Aesthetic

Bold and daring, the Air Jordan 4 holds a special place in sneaker lore thanks to its eye-catching design choices. One of the most iconic color schemes debuted in 2006 with the release of the "Lightning" model in black and yellow. According to Schlemmer, this look is 'one of the most classic' in the shoe's long history. The newer "Red Thunder" version, which replaced the original yellow with blazing red, is no exception.

Released in 2012, this hot crimson design features contrasting black nubuck leather detailing on the molded eyelets, interior tongue, quarter panel, throat, and midsole. Other standout colourways in the series include the "Lightning 2021," "Fire Red 2020," and the bold and bright unisex Air Jordan 4 Retro SE neon sneakers.

Jordan Air Jordan 4 Retro "Lightning 2021" sneakers

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Thunder" sneakers

Inspired Throwback Fashion

When it comes to throwback inspirations, the Air Jordan 4 is a masterclass in blending iconic designs from different eras. Take the "University Blue" version, for example, which reimagines the original leather construction with a delightfully tactile blue suede upper and complementing speckled grey finishes on the wings, side panels, and heel.

To top it off, these sleek sneakers feature woven tongue tags adorned with a secondary Jump man logo, inspired by the jock tags on Jordan's very own jerseys. It's worth noting, as Schlemmer points out, that whilst Jordan's college days at the University of North Carolina have long-since inspired Air Jordan designs, the "UNC" look for the Jordan 4 didn't arrive until 2021.

But with its clean aesthetic and refreshing use of colour, it's clear why the wait was well worth it.

New Season Jordan x Nike SB Air Jordan 4 sneakers

The Custom Jordan

Collaborations and customisations have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in cementing the Air Jordan 4's status as a bona fide fashion icon. For instance, in 2005, sneaker boutique UNDEFEATED partnered with Jordan to create the stunning and edgy Jordan x The Union Air Jordan 4 Retro "Taupe Haze." This design is a masterpiece of mesh detailing, stitched-down tongue, and "exposed" elements that set it apart in the sneaker world. Best of all, because the shoe features a stitched tongue, wearers can select whether to pop it up or leave it be – it's all down to personal style.

Another stellar collaboration that stands out is the Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 4 "Sail" sneakers. Schlemmer dubs them 'easily the most coveted women’s Air Jordan 4 of all time and one of the late Virgil Abloh’s best sneaker designs.' Released in 2020, the "Sail" shoes feature a minimalist design with translucent details and a pared-down collar and tongue. The result is an elegant, airy look that showcases Abloh's genius for blending function and form.

Air Jordan 4 Retro SP "Union - Off Noir" sneakers

Size Matters

Looking for a comfortable and true-to-size fit? Then look no further than the Air Jordan 4.

With just the right amount of room to allow for easy movement, these shoes are the perfect choice for anyone looking for footwear that prioritizes both style and substance. Inside, you'll find NikeAir cushioning that provides unbeatable support, while outside, a two-tone polyurethane midsole and visible Air-sole unit offer even more cushioning where you need it most.

If you're looking to preserve the life of your suede Air Jordan 4s, you should invest in a suede protector. Cleaning leather versions couldn't be easier – just use a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water. When it comes to washing shoelaces, simply toss them in the washing machine on cold water. And remember to store your Air Jordan 4s in their original dust bag and shoe box to keep them looking fresh and new.

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The Iconic Air Jordan 4: Expert Tips on Styles, Collaborations, and Care