Ep. 7 The study of Human Behaviour with Marissa Jane

Join me as I chat to Marissa about her unique work, and how she helps people get a deeper perspective on who they are.

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We've all heard of life coaches and mentors, you might be thinking Tony Robbins, right? Well, not necessarily – you see, coaches and mentors have been some of the critical specialists that not only help individuals achieve and perform at their optimum, but can also help leaders in business build thriving and prosperous companies.

A great coach looks at many elements that may be impacting or preventing successful outcomes, whether you’re an individual looking to improve your life, an athlete wanting to win a gold medal, or a company CEO that wants to lead his teams and company into to performing better.

Join me as I chat to Marissa about her unique work, and how she helps humans get a deeper perspective on who they are.

Find Marissa on Instagram @marissajane_coaching or her website:


Marissa has been working in the high-performance coaching and mentorship space for years, and has also worked nationally and internationally with athletes, professionals, and other amazing individuals to help them achieve their goals, transform their lives, and optimise their businesses.

Marissa has worked alongside Australia and New Zealand's High-Performance Olympic, Paralympic, World Champion, and Red Bull X-Games champions and holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Performance.

Following a series of pivotal events, Marissa began asking deeper questions about life and turned towards meditation to deepen her inner work.

Six years on, and intuitively guided to study and implement practices of human behaviour, somatic psychology, and NLP,  Marissa is now a qualified Trauma-Informed Life Coach.

Marissa's work specialises in Holistic Performance & Conscious Relationships – helping people find clarity, purpose, performance, and freedom.

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