Ep. 3 Running Well with Dr Paul Hermann

Listening to your body and the benefits of running with Dr. Paul Hermann.

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Dr. Paul Hermann


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Dr Paul Hermann joins me in the studio this week to talk about running, something I enjoy and am all too familiar with. However, no matter our experience level, we can all use a little advice on how to prevent common injuries and enjoy running longer and better while sustaining a healthy attitude towards our bodies.  Tune in on Casper Wellness to listen to or watch our chat about running well, the importance of dynamic exercises, and post-running stretches.  Check out Paul's quick Dynamic pre-workout sequence here and thank your body after with his post-workout stretches here.

Find Paul at @paul.osteo.staytuned & @staytunedsportsmedicine


Osteopath & Exercise Scientist.

Dr Paul Hermann is the founder and director of Stay Tuned Sports Medicine. He believes it is our responsibility, and privilege to help everyone we interact with, to feel as good as possible.

His motto: 'Everybody Deserves to Feel Good'.

While studying Osteopathy, Paul completed his Master's research investigating the 'Effectiveness of Swiss Ball Training on Lower Back Stability', before authoring the popular book 'Effective Swiss Ball Training'. Paul's thirst for knowledge, and passion for finding more ways for people to "feel good", lead him to complete a Masters in Exercise Science additionally.

As a therapist, he has applied this principle to his clinical work with patients. As a lecturer, teaching Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at RMIT and Victoria University, and international presenter he has been able to pass on this principle to many thousands of students and other allied health practitioners and Doctors.

Paul continues to share his passion through his work in the Stay Tuned clinics, mentoring many practitioners, writing Health and Fitness related articles and travelling internationally to lecture and look after a variety of professional athletes and teams.

Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health industry and to Casper Wellness - there aren’t many injury's this guy hasn't seen!


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