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With over one hundred articles published on diversity, innovation, design, fashion, lifestyle, art, and culture from across the globe, Casper Magazine provides current news on a wide range of topics.

As an entirely digital publication, Casper Magazine values and focuses on offering its readers objective, unbiased, and inclusive content, aligning with its passion for sustainability and ethical values.

Founded in 2015, the magazine is a passion project and a continuation of founder Maria's interest in the latest advances in science, technology, design, well-being. We hold a commitment to help improve the world through our writing, and to this end, the team at Casper Magazine is constantly looking for community-owned innovations that incorporate innovation, sustainability, design, and technology to benefit humanity. Maria believes that we as humans share a collective responsibility to care for, protect, and preserve the planet. Our shared view is at the heart of Casper Magazine.

As the founder and editor-in-chief, Maria remains passionate about the magazine into which she channels her vision to create a brand that both encapsulates design, fashion, creativity, and is equally concerned with humanity, the environment, and our future.

'I think it's important that our readers become a little more curious and allow themselves to discover what inspires them.' - Maria Ugrinovski


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