Prada Spring/Summer 2024: A Nod to History and a Step Into the Future
Prada's 2024 collection seamlessly marries historical elegance with futuristic innovation.

Walking into the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada in Milan, it's impossible not to be swept up in the palpable excitement that is the PRADA Spring/Summer 2024 Women's Show. This collection beautifully encapsulates the essence of Prada's heritage while taking bold leaps into uncharted territories of design and innovation.

Prada's evolution over the years has indeed been a journey worth following. A brand that has expertly interwoven its classic fashion codes with the ongoing shifts in society, culture, and even socio-political themes. Every piece, as observed in their latest collection, speaks volumes. Each a blend of northern Italian traditions of discreet elegance, fine craftsmanship, and a splash of modern aesthetics that only the dynamic duo of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons can conjure.

The freedom of the body was pronounced in the floaty fabrics that danced with each model's movement. Classic tailoring was not merely reproduced but was reborn, speaking in architectural forms and challenging the traditional archetypes of formal wear. Yet, what stood out and played a tantalizing game with nostalgia was the handbag design.

A design originally devised by Mario Prada, Miuccia's grandfather, in the year 1913. Today, over a century later, we see it reimagined not just in its original silk moiré, but also in sumptuous Nappa leather and the sustainable choice of re-nylon. The hand-carved fastening depicting a mythological figure remains, an ode to Mario Prada's fascination with global cultures and his knack for turning artifacts into luxury items.

The show was rife with materials and motifs that showcased Prada's unique fusion of classic and contemporary. From belted shorts suits in wool and 'Haze' dresses in superfine organza and gazar to shirts embellished with fringe and dresses adorned with intricate hand-embroidery featuring crystals, chains, and studs. The footwear followed suit, with sharp-pointed vamps in spazzolato and silk satin, and Derby shoes that radiated a timeless charm.

And who could miss the eyewear? Sunglasses and spectacles, molded in nylon, which hint at future trends while respecting past designs.

The atmosphere was laden with the unmistakable feeling that Prada was on the cusp of introducing the next big thing in fashion. And as I sat there, taking in the show, a thought kept ringing clear: The past, present, and future of fashion can, in fact, exist harmoniously, and Prada is leading that charge.

So, what's next from Prada? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure, they've set the stage for a future that promises to both respect traditions and break barriers. And as a seasoned fashion observer, my only advice is to watch this space, for the future is Prada, and it's as enigmatic and exciting as ever.


Maria Ugrinovski

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Prada Spring/Summer 2024: A Nod to History and a Step Into the Future