Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Flair as Gucci Cosmos Lands in London
Step into the Ascending Room and Explore a Century of Gucci's Fashion Revolution

In London, where the streets whisper tales of history and fashion, the Gucci Cosmos Exhibition makes its grand entrance. It’s a story that begins not in the glittering halls of high fashion, but in the bustling corridors of The Savoy hotel, where a young Guccio Gucci, then a humble porter, first dreamt of luxury luggage. This dream, fueled by the grandeur of London, would eventually unfurl into the Gucci empire.

British artist Es Devlin, known for her flair for the dramatic, transforms 180 Studios on The Strand into a time-traveling spectacle. Visitors are greeted by a recreation of The Savoy's lobby, complete with its iconic black-and-white marble flooring. It’s here that the line between past and present blurs, as guests step into the famed red lift, whimsically dubbed 'The Ascending Room'. One can't help but feel a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, emerging into the wonderland of Gucci's past.

The exhibition itself is a kaleidoscope of Gucci's most storied creations. The Bamboo bag, Jackie, and Horsebit – each a character in Gucci’s fashion narrative – are displayed with the kind of reverence usually reserved for crown jewels. Curator Maria Luisa Frisa plays the role of a fashion archaeologist, unearthing treasures from Gucci's archives that narrate the brand's century-long evolution.

In a cheeky nod to Gucci's blend of tradition and innovation, the ground floor hosts a café draped in vintage wallpaper, serving drinks and snacks with a dash of red – perhaps a sly wink to Gucci's bold and often unorthodox spirit.

The exhibition isn’t just a parade of beautiful objects; it's a celebration of the minds behind them. From Tom Ford’s daring silhouettes to Alessandro Michele’s eclectic vision, the show honours the maestros who’ve kept Gucci at the forefront of fashion's ever-shifting tides.

After London, Gucci Cosmos will pack its bags for Paris and Kyoto, adapting its narrative to each city's unique cultural tapestry. It's a globe-trotting adventure, mirroring Gucci's own journey from a small luggage atelier to a global fashion powerhouse.

In essence, the Gucci Cosmos Exhibition in London is more than just a retrospective. It’s a whimsical, time-hopping journey through Gucci’s legacy, a testament to the brand's ability to remain both timeless and timely. It's Gucci telling its own story, with a knowing smile and a touch of flair, inviting us all to step into its ever-evolving world of fashion and fantasy.

The remarkable Gucci Cosmos exhibition will capture audiences at 180 Studios in London, from October 11 to December 31, 2023. Experience an exclusive sneak peek of the showcase in our gallery below.

Maria Ugrinovski

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Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Flair as Gucci Cosmos Lands in London