Tomorrow Denim: The Danish Brand Making Denim Eco-Friendly
Tomorrow Denim is changing the denim industry from the inside.

We love fashion at Casper, but what we love even more is brands that do good. As you may have read in some of our past sustainability features about the ethics of the denim industry (How Ethical is Your Denim? Part 1 & Part 2), your standard pair of jeans is actually pretty bad for the environment. From water-intensive cotton to the chemicals, dyes, and water wastage in the manufacturing process, denim isn’t always an eco-friendly material.

That’s why we wanted to highlight a denim brand that not only made an impact on the runway of Copenhagen Fashion Week this year, but more importantly is committed to making a huge impact on the environment with their sustainable practices. Tomorrow Denim is a Danish brand whose start-to-finish production transparency has earned them the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel, making them the world’s first denim brand to be certified by both.

Tomorrow Denim was launched in Copenhagen in 2018 with the aim to craft quality jeans with a good fit and the right treatments and washes – all within a sustainable framework. Unlike their fast fashion counterparts, Tomorrow’s jeans are long-lasting pieces designed to be functional as well as stylish; inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist design ethos, these denim pieces are high quality, elegant, and comfortable.

But how do they make denim sustainable? Tomorrow Denim was founded with the clear intention to move against the grain in the denim industry. The founders rejected the poor working conditions and polluting practices that are sadly standard for many manufacturers, striving to meet the criteria for third-party certifications that monitor the entire lifecycle of a product, all along the production line. Transparency is key for Tomorrow Denim: with a limited number of suppliers, each component is traceable and audited, enabling clear judgement for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel as well as for consumers.

Never outsource your responsibility.

Using 100% organic cotton, pre-consumer recycled cotton, and recycled polyester, Tomorrow Denim is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their denim from the very beginning. These materials mean that the manufacturing process uses less water, less energy, and no harmful toxins, chemicals, or dyes, making the end product better for the environment and for the people that wear them. Tomorrow Denim also adheres to the International Labour Organization standards, which ensures fair wages, safe working conditions, and no forced or child labour along the production chain.

Ultimately, you’d be hard pressed to find an area of their production that Tomorrow Denim hasn’t tackled, and they’re still finding ways to improve across the board. With such an incredible track record when it comes to sustainability and workplace ethics, Tomorrow Denim has easily cemented its place in our list of favourite brands – and their gorgeously stylish jeans is the cherry on top!

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Kathryn Shanks

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Tomorrow Denim: The Danish Brand Making Denim Eco-Friendly