Unlike other M/FW shows, this was a multisensory experience with models and performance artists showcasing some of our incredible designers.

Located in one of Melbourne's most iconic buildings, the Victorian State Library, this showcase immersed us in the world of fashion and art.

The magnificent line-up of designers featured Alix Higgins, Arnsdorf, Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts with Aly de Groot, Harrolds, INJURY, JASON GRECH, J’Aton, Mariam Seddiq, Moss Tunstall, Posture Studio, STRATEAS CARLUCCI, Vault, and VERNER.

As we walked through each part of the library, we viewed fashion from a unique perspective. Every design had a story and a hint of curiosity as to what would be in the next room.

The creations themselves varied from the minimalistic to the avant-garde, tracing through our history and paying tribute to the traditional custodians of our land.

Each exhibit was carefully curated to invite the viewer into their world. It was a synthesis of emotion, creative expression, and originality.

I adored everything about this exhibition. The pièce de résistance was the epic J'Aton exhibit called 'From Blank Pages, We Begin'. Inspired by the La Trobe reading room the striking model represented the rebirth of past knowledge and wisdom into a future full of wonder and intrigue.

Maria Ugrinovski CM's EIC

It was wonderful to get close to the garments and see the level of detail the designers put into them at this show. - MARIA UGRINOVSKI, CASPER MAGAZINE'S EIC.

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