Alessandro Sartori, Creative Director of Zegna and lifelong student of fabric development and tailoring, has unveiled the breathtaking Fall 2023 collection.

He Brings together technical knowledge with an artistic eye for clothing’s form-and-function interplay – this line promises to be one that won't soon fade from our collective memories.

Pulling from its storied past, Zegna has put together an awe-inspiring collection of garments crafted with cashmere sourced near the brand's historical origins in the Biellese Alps. Offering luxurious comfort and quality to those who proudly sport their pieces, this range also hits a high note for ethics: each look comes equipped with traceable QR codes that provide customers insight into how it was made - making them more conscious.

Ermenegildo Sartori's inspired vision and innovative designs have combined classic organic materials like alpaca wool and cotton to create timeless pieces for Zenga. Blazers, trousers, and jumpers blend modernity with minimalism, resulting in a seamless yet striking aesthetic. Detailed tailoring fused with effortless layered silhouettes exude an air of relaxed elegance mixed in with a hint of intrigue: the underlying theme that sets this collection apart.


This season, the New Zegna collection is undeniably at the top of everyone's must-see list. Its timeless style and superior craftsmanship exude sophistication this Autumn..

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