‍2024 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival Programme : Our Top Runway Picks  ‍
PMFF 2024: Australia's Top Fashion, 24 Feb-9 Mar – Sustainable & Inclusive

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival returns in 2024 with an extended programme with two weeks of world-class runways featuring Australia’s most loved designers, shopping events, workshops, industry seminars and exhibitions. 

Running from 24 February to 9 March 2024, PMFF has increased the number of designers who will be showcased and there will be a focus on sustainable and First Nations fashion. 

The programme for the Premium Runways has been announced and will feature over 80 designers across 12 shows. Presented at the iconic Royal Exhibition Building from 4 - 9 March 2024, two different but complementary runway shows will take place each night.

PMFF is one of the few premier fashion events in the world where the general public can access front-row seating alongside Australia’s fashion elite. This is an opportunity to get your friends and enjoy a night out seeing the latest trends and looks. 

Highlights of the 2024 programme are:  

Glam Up Runway 

The Casper Magazine team loves an opportunity to dress up and the Glam Up Runway will showcase joyful event dressing at its grandest. The runway promises monumental silhouettes, heightened sophistication and outstanding intricacy. Designers include Jason Grech, Marian Seddiq, Paolo Sebastian, Alin Le Kal and more. 

F*** The Invisible Runway 

Rejecting outdated fashion attitudes on age and beauty, the F** the Invisible Runway celebrates International Women's Day with fabulous fashion that will inspire, thrill, surprise and elevate women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. Designers showcasing on this runway include Viceta Wang, Julie Goodwin, Verner and Perple. 

First Nations Rising Designer Runway x Fujitsu 

Celebrating emerging First Nations fashion talent, this runway promises an exploration of visual storytelling and creative expression through bold designs, vibrancy of colour and artistic practice.Featured designers include Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Gali, Lillardia Briggs-Houston, House of Darwin, Miimi and Jiinda, Solid Ochre, Take Pride Movement. 

Grand Solo Showcase: P.E Nation 

Athleisure takes the centre stage at PMFF with the festival’s Grand Solo Showcase featuring P.E Nation. After P.E Nation won PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival's 2018 National Designer Award, the brand has gone from strength to absolute strength and is now an international Australian Fashion success story with many of our readers owning pieces in their wardrobes. The runway will feature standout pieces from their latest collections. 

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024 will also host industry events including the Australian Fashion Business Lunch and Fashion Talks programme featuring industry leaders and up-and-coming designers. An independent fashion programme will be released in January 2024 and heroes the depth and diversity of Victoria’s independent and emerging fashion practitioners beyond the runway. 

For more information including purchasing tickets are now on sale at melbournefashionfestival.com.au

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‍2024 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival Programme : Our Top Runway Picks  ‍