Eco-conscious Footwear Brand VIVAIA to launch in Australia
Eco-Friendly Footwear Loved by Celebrities and Crafted for Comfort

Internationally celebrated for their eco-friendly offering of shoes that showcase style without sacrificing sustainability, this winter season global footwear brand VIVAIA  (Vi-Vai-Yah) is bringing its trendy yet sustainability-conscious range of footwear to Australian shores. 

Since created and embraced in the United States in 2020, VIVAIA has had a wealth of success within both the US and beyond. Now partnering with global suppliers and distributing directly to consumers across more than 61 countries, the fashionable footwear brand is progressively growing.  

When it comes to sustainability and the brand’s signature eco-friendly ethos, VIVAIA commits to using a variety of eco-friendly materials throughout its footwear’s design and construction processes. One of these eco-friendly materials being none other than the good old recycled plastic water bottle. 

VIVAIA utilise plastic water bottles by transforming the bottles into a signature thread and then knitting them into the brand’s durable and comfortable uppers. The use of these bottles is so significantly important to the US brand that they actually take prime position in VIVAIA’s naming and logo.  

Whilst the double "V" and "A" represent VIVAIA’s diverse shoe designs, the double "I" symbolises the recycled plastic bottles used to produce the shoes.  

Since launching, VIVAIA has repurposed over 18 million plastic bottles in partnership with certified supplier REPREVE®. 

Continuously striving to look at new ways to source additional materials directly from nature, VIVAIA operates with the aim of minimising the brand’s impact on the environment, when and wherever possible. 

Sustainable materials that VIVAIA already utilise include everything from sugarcane EVA to rice husks and natural rubber.

“We founded VIVAIA with a mission to create stylish and comfortable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible,” said Marina Chen, VIVAIA’s co-founder.

“With a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people around us, we have crafted a line of comfort, stylish, and eco-friendly footwear, ensuring exceptional quality and value at a fair price. We are thrilled to bring our innovative designs to Australia, offering versatile, stylish options that our customers can feel proud to wear”, says Chen. 

Sustainability aside, the brand’s 200+ styles of footwear – think machine-washable Mary-Janes to summer slides and water-repellent winter boots  – have already gained and retained the attention of many celebrities and influential figures including Selena Gomez, Julia Roberts, Alexa Chung, Scarlet Johansson, and many more. 

With an ever-growing range of designs, flourishing growth rate and passion for sustainability, VIVAIA’s arrival on Australian shores is an exciting debut many footwear-loving fanatics are eagerly awaiting. 

VIVAIA shoes can be purchased online at and the brands Melbourne pop-up at Highpoint Shopping Centre. 

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Eco-conscious Footwear Brand VIVAIA to launch in Australia