How Crystals Can Transform Your Home with Stoned Crystals' Ashley Bellino
Ashley Bellino, founder of Stoned Crystals, tells us how to welcome crystals into our daily lives.

Crystals have for so long been boxed in as ‘hippie’, with this association making them both difficult to understand and undervalued by the mainstream. To change this perception, Stoned Crystals founder Ashley Bellino tests the conventional use of crystals by making them more accessible and more fashionable to the everyday person. 

Stoned Crystals is the first crystal company that has really made it simple to learn about crystals and what energies each can provide, providing easy-to-understand instructions for choosing and using your stone – whether it’s for yourself or for friends and family. 

Whatever your lifestyle, crystals can play a powerful part in your life. We look to Ashley Bellino to tell us how!

Interior decorating and styling with crystals 

Over the last couple of years, our homes have really become the centre point of our lives. Spending so much time there, many of us have come to realise how important it is to create a place that not only functions for us day-to-day, but that also helps support our mental and emotional state.

Not only are crystals aesthetically beautiful natural wonders, but they also provide a wellness and lifestyle element to our lives. Catching the eye of many interior stylists around Australia, they’re such a stylish interior statement for our homes and workspaces. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion that crystals can bring a particular energy to your world, Stoned Crystals helps highlight the benefits of decorating our spaces with stones just as we do with plants and flora.

Our onyx decor is the ultimate go-to for a luxe homewares feature. The neutral and earthy tones of onyx will add warmth to your space and look beautiful with a large mirror and a plant in the background. The healing properties of onyx will add an element of grounding and centring to a room and is a reminder for you to breathe and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Choose from our stunning onyx bowls and the warm glow of our onyx lamps, which come in five stunning patterns. We also have onyx ring and jewellery boxes and round trays.

Onyx isn’t the only crystal that can be used for style as well as function. We also have a range of clear quartz bowls, as well as the exclusive Crystal Crush collection of platters and trivets

Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate crystals into your home or work space and need some inspiration for creating a beautiful feature, we have a gorgeous range of styling sets that make crystal decor so easy! These styling sets are intended to empower our customers to create sacred spaces that inspire stillness, presence, and mindfulness. They also make gorgeous gift sets for a loved one.

Crystals for different life events and astrology

It’s widely known that crystals and gemstones are linked to astrology and the zodiac, helping to give meaning to personality types and traits in us all depending on our birth dates.

In astrology, Mercury represents the messenger. It rules all things communication, intelligence, and knowledge. Therefore, when Mercury is perceived to be in ‘retrograde’, it can cause breakdowns in communication, technology, travel, and planning. During this time, when the structures within our lives go a bit wonky, we may lean into finding comfort and stability within. This is where a crystal like smoky quartz – ‘the ultimate grounder’ – is your go-to. 

Each crystal comes with a different set of healing properties relevant to its crystalline structure. With changing seasons and tides, the vibrational energy of certain crystals can help with emotional and metaphysical support, allowing us to look within and re-evaluate to build stronger and more congruent foundations within our lives.

Experiencing a major life event?

The properties of amazonite, rose quartz, and clear quartz are powerful crystals for love, marriage, and relationships. Amazonite, for example, is a brilliant stone for those who are looking to repair or ignite an existing relationship. Its soothing jade colour resonates with the Heart Chakra and balances out emotional energy.

The body is composed of a number of different energy centres called Chakras. Each of your seven chakras is also strongly connected with specific crystals which produce vibrations to help balance, align and cleanse your chakras.

Unique crystal gifts for special occasions

We get so many customers visit us to choose a gift for a friend’s birthday, engagement, housewarming, wedding, anniversary, or even a ‘get well soon’ gift. Because the properties of crystals can have so much significance around healing, energy, and intention, crystals make for a very thoughtful gift idea. 

The Stoned Crystal Crush collection is a perfect gift idea for that person who has everything! They can be used to showcase home items such as candles, makeup and toiletries, vases, flowers, jewellery, and other knick-knacks. You can even serve food and cheese on the glass side! Designed with ½ glass and ½ crystal, they're heat proof, stain proof, easy-to-clean, food friendly, and come beautifully boxed with a property card.

If you’re looking for more of an abstract piece of crystal art, Stoned Crystals’ inaugural Geo Gem collection represents a fresh and modern take on crystals. Each gem comes beautifully boxed with a unique property card. Style the Geo Gems in the home as beautiful décor, just as you would a plant. They bring light and positive energy into the home and are a stunning reminder to ‘let a little magic in'.

Crystals make unique and thoughtful gifts. Choosing a crystal for someone shows that you have thought about who they are and chosen a gift that is personal and has so much meaning!       

Crystals for mindfulness and wellbeing

Our homes and workspaces are becoming increasingly overcome by computers, devices, and technology. Crystals not only look beautiful when styled, but also offer us a natural and tactile distraction to negate stress and encourage balance and mindfulness in our lives.

With an increasingly enlightened society, people are looking for alternative therapies and also becoming more aware of our connection to the earth and its effect on the mind, body, and soul. 

By using crystals as an aid during meditation and through mindfulness, we can ease the chatter of the mind and help clear negative thought patterns. We all know that setting your mindset with a positive outlook can return positive life experiences. In much the same way, setting crystals with positive intentions is the best way to manifest the things you wish to attract into your life. If for nothing other than their tactile benefits, rolling these shapes around in your hands releases the mind from the more mundane and automatic reactions we have to almost every object we pick up these days.

Not only are crystals aesthetically beautiful natural wonders, but they also provide a wellness and lifestyle element to our lives. Our aim is to make crystals and natural decor items more accessible and show how they make such a stylish interior statement for our homes and workspaces. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion that crystals can bring energies into your world, we at Stoned Crystals aim to help showcase the obvious benefits of decorating our spaces with crystals just as we do with plants and other natural elements.

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How Crystals Can Transform Your Home with Stoned Crystals' Ashley Bellino