Onitsuka Tiger x Doi Tung Weaving Tradition for a Sustainable Tomorrow
A story of sustainability from Thailand and Japan told through footwear

In the lush landscapes of Northern Thailand's Chiang Rai, a unique partnership blooms, symbolizing the power of sustainable fashion. Casper Magazine is thrilled to share the inspiring collaboration between the iconic Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger and the Doi Tung Development Project, an initiative under the Mae Fah Luang Foundation. This alliance is not just about creating footwear; it's a fusion of cultural preservation and modern environmental stewardship.

The Mae Fah Luang Foundation, established in 1969 under Royal Patronage, began with a mission to uplift the hill tribes of Thailand. Over the years, it has evolved into a robust force for social and environmental transformation, especially in Doi Tung. Here, communities once mired in the hardships of opium cultivation have been given new avenues for sustainable livelihoods through the DoiTung brand, which promotes locally crafted products.

Onitsuka Tiger, known for its commitment to quality and innovative design, reached out to the Doi Tung Development Project in 2019. Together, they embarked on an 18-month journey, combining Thai artisanal textile skills with Japanese efficiency and precision. Despite the global disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, their teams persevered to craft something truly special.

 MEXICO 66 PARATY Ontsuka Tiger Doitung

The result is a line of shoes that includes the MEXICO 66, MEXICO 66 PARATY, and SERRANO models, each made with handmade textiles that embody the heritage and resilience of the Thai people. These fabrics are softer, featuring patterns that carry the essence of Thai tradition, while the vibrant reds and blues echo the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes, creating a product that resonates globally.

This collaboration goes beyond the aesthetic, serving as a beacon of sustainable manufacturing and ethical practices. Each pair of shoes is a step towards a more sustainable future, supporting not only the planet but also providing meaningful employment to the local community. It’s a celebration of how traditional practices can meet modern sustainability, proving that fashion can indeed be a force for good.

At Casper Magazine, we believe in the power of fashion to effect change. This story is a testament to that belief—a narrative where style meets substance, and every thread weaves together stories of cultural dignity and ecological responsibility. As we share this journey, we hope to inspire you to make conscious choices, supporting initiatives that not only look good but also do good for the world.

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Oisuka Tiger x Doitung Mexico 66


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Onitsuka Tiger x Doi Tung Weaving Tradition for a Sustainable Tomorrow