Casper Magazine and Torrens University Unite to Empower Creative Students
Igniting Creativity, Empowering Futures with Torrens University.

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce a dynamic new collaboration between Casper Magazine and Torrens University Australia. This innovative partnership is designed to spotlight the extraordinary creativity and talent of Torrens University students in the creative arts, providing a global platform for budding designers, artists, and creatives to share their unique visions.

Torrens University, known for its commitment to fostering innovation and creativity, has teamed up with Casper Magazine, a publication celebrated for its forward-thinking perspectives and celebration of artistry. This partnership promises to elevate the remarkable talent and creativity of Torrens University students through exclusive interviews, profiles, and editorial content in Casper Magazine.

We are delighted to partner with Casper Magazine, a leading publication recognized for its celebration of artistry and forward-thinking perspectives, to highlight the remarkable talent and creativity of our students, said Darryn Melrose, Chief Marketing Officer and Industry Partnerships at Torrens University.

Through this collaboration, Torrens University students will gain invaluable industry experience, enhancing their profiles and portfolios. Our goal is to equip students for the workforce by providing them with opportunities to gain industry knowledge and experience and to showcase their work on a global scale.

"At Torrens, we want to equip our students for the workforce. This collaboration enables us to empower the next generation of creative, innovative leaders by providing them with valuable opportunities to gain industry knowledge and experience and to showcase their work on a global scale,” Darryn added.

In addition to featuring student work, this partnership will offer Torrens students internships with Casper Magazine in various fields, along with mentoring sessions with key industry stakeholders. These opportunities will provide invaluable guidance and support as students navigate their careers.

Our Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Maria Ugrinovski, shares our enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting its importance for both organizations.

At the heart of Casper’s ethos is our commitment to nurturing emerging designers and creatives, as well as providing students with opportunities to learn and evolve within their chosen career fields. We are dedicated to facilitating real-life experiences and growth opportunities that we believe will serve them exceptionally well into their future, Maria said.

As Australia’s fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia offers a career-focused and global perspective to higher education. With over 20,000 students from more than 118 countries, Torrens University is known for its industry-immersive approach and strong research output, providing high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and specialized degree programs across a wide range of academic disciplines.

The collaboration between Casper Magazine and Torrens University exemplifies the powerful synergy between education and media, fostering creativity and innovation to prepare students for future careers. We are thrilled to be part of this journey and look forward to showcasing the incredible work of Torrens University’s emerging talents.

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Casper Magazine and Torrens University Unite to Empower Creative Students