Louis Vuitton's Vivienne Continues to Dazzle at Atlantis The Royal's Anniversary Celebrations
Have You Experienced the Magic of Vivienne at Atlantis The Royal?

Months after its inaugural unveiling, Louis Vuitton's mascot Vivienne remains a central spectacle at Atlantis The Royal, honoring the resort's ongoing anniversary celebrations. Originating from Paris, the emblematic Vivienne has transitioned into a captivating display of six gigantic sculptures and two massive inflatables, enriching the Dubai skyline.

This remarkable collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Atlantis The Royal melds fashion, art, and luxury travel into a spectacular homage to the resort's anniversary. Each of the three-meter-tall sculptures of Vivienne showcases a distinct personality and narrative, expertly crafted in Dubai to enchant guests with an immersive Augmented Reality experience that opens whimsical portals of fantasy.

Reflecting Louis Vuitton's heritage as luxury trunk makers, the various incarnations of Vivienne include the cosmopolitan 'Jetsetter Vivienne', sporting Pharrell Williams X Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and the 'Sailor Vivienne', playfully navigating through the resort's mesmerizing Skyblaze fountain of fire and water. These sculptures not only promise surprises but also invite guests to delve into a magical exploration.

As visitors wander through the luxurious Atlantis The Royal, they are guided by a digital map to discover each unique Vivienne sculpture. Enhancing the exclusivity of this event, a limited edition collection of 18 trunk stickers, created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, commemorates the resort's special milestone. Guests receive a collectible sticker for each night stayed, continuing until the end of May 2024, allowing them to carry a piece of the celebration with them.

Hanan Eissa, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations at Atlantis Dubai, elaborates on the initiative: "Vivienne isn't just an iconic figure; she encapsulates the essence of Louis Vuitton, representing joy, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship. This event was inspired by her iconic status."

Timothy Kelly, President of Atlantis, reflects on the ongoing success of the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with Louis Vuitton has once again allowed us to blend the worlds of fashion, art, and travel. We're thrilled to extend this invitation for the world to continue celebrating this iconic experience with us."

As the festivities persist, Louis Vuitton and Atlantis The Royal invite guests from around the globe to partake in an event that not only showcases extraordinary luxury but also fosters an unforgettable international gathering.

Visit the luxurious Atlantis The Royal and meet Vivienne here

Image credit Atlantis The Royal

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Louis Vuitton's Vivienne Continues to Dazzle at Atlantis The Royal's Anniversary Celebrations