#4 We talk about the gastrointestinal tract with Rebecca Cavanagh
Ep. 4 We talk about the gastrointestinal tract with Rebecca Cavanagh.

This is the organ system in our human bodies that carries food from mouth to a#* - well, there's really no other way to put it... or is there? Can we google that, please? Anyway, the GI is responsible for digesting, extracting, and distributing vital energy and nutrients from the food you consume to the rest of your body. We chat about allergies and intolerances that can affect your GI, and   we debunk a few tales... Yup, it turns out you actually can have dessert before dinner, kids!  Enjoy!

Find Rebecca on Instagram @goodfoodforagoodmood or her website: goodfoodforagoodmood.com/


Rebecca has a Bachelor in Applied Science and a Masters in Dietetic Practice. Previously studying Engineering, working as Financial Adviser and travelling the world as a DJ, Rebecca is now fascinated with the link between our brain and our gut, and how nutrition can play a vital role in our mental health and wellbeing.

Rebecca has facilitated workshops at Music festivals and presented to organisations for health and wellbeing seminars.

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#4 We talk about the gastrointestinal tract with Rebecca Cavanagh