5 Australian Jewellery Brands We’re Loving Right Now
Bold and bright to the delicate and dainty, there's something for you.

Just like our clothing, the jewellery we select and the way we style it reflect not only our individuality and personal taste, but the trends and theme for the season ahead. Luckily for us, Australian jewellery brands are becoming more creative than perhaps ever before, giving us more choice for greater expression.

From the trendy barely-there kind of accessorising to the big, bold, and bright, local designers are experiencing a magnitude of success, no matter what aesthetic their brand may be known for. As with clothes, there is much to consider when purchasing new jewellery. Brands such as Dinosaur Designs have a distinct design aesthetic, while newcomers such as Emma Pills leave you wondering what funky colours, patterns, and prints will feature in the brand’s next collection.

With Australia’s pool of talented jewellery designers only increasing, it’s not uncommon to find many accessory obsessed consumers – myself included– becoming overwhelmed with choice. To avoid the stress that is choosing who and what brands to invest in, here at Casper Magazine we have rounded up our top 5 Australian jewellery brands to wear, follow, and invest in right now. 

Dinosaur Designs 

If you’re a woman living in Australia, the chances of you owning, gifting, or receiving a piece of Dinosaur Designs jewellery is almost a given.  

Known for their rather mesmerising marble-like resin designs, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are the founders and talented artists behind the namesake brand. With all Dinosaur Designs pieces created individually by hand, consumers have grown to view the brand’s jewellery as not only jewellery, but wearable art.

Since launching in 1985, Dinosaur Designs is now stocked in more than 20 countries, with stores spanning across Sydney, Melbourne, and New York.

Despite the brands signature claim-to-fame being their beautifully crafted curved bangles, Dinosaur Design’s jewellery range also delves into sculptural rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Offering each piece of jewellery in nearly every shade, Dinosaur Designs have taken the stress out of accessorising.

Dinosaur Designs

Temple of the Sun Jewellery

Offering consumers a meaningful mix of archetypal symbology, contemporary motifs, and precious gemstones, Temple of the Sun is without question one of the more unique jewellery brands created, designed, and sold in Australia. 

Founded by creative couple Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant, Temple of the Sun initially launched into the Australian market in 2014. Over their 7 years (and counting) in business, Temple of the Sun have implemented sustainable initiatives, supported numerous charities, and created a transparent and ethical supply chains, which is why they remain a fond favourite amongst many Australian women. 

Using the ancient lost wax method, in addition to other hand-crafted techniques, the Byron-born jewellery brand transforms recycled sterling siler, gold vermeil, and precious gemstones into unique wearable pieces.

Hand-made by the brand’s talented team of artisans, each Temple of the Sun piece has been created with either a cultural reference, a gemstone, or a symbol in mind.

Masters in experimentation, Temple of the Sun dabble in everything from dainty gold bracelets to chokers. So, whether you are shopping for symbolic jewels or simply looking to refresh your pre-existing collection, Temple of the Sun adds an ancient yet tasteful edge to any accessory ensemble.  

Temple of the Sun


Also celebrated for their curated range of handcrafted pieces, FIORINA Jewellery combines artisan quality with bespoke design elements, including pearls, precious gems, and antique coins. Encouraging consumers to embrace their true self while experimenting with embellishments and colour is at the heart of the Melbourne-based brand.

Jewellery is no longer just an accessory; I see it as an extension of one’s emotional and personal expression.

Acting as the brand’s leader since 1994, Golotta has created an exclusive range of accessories that blend old-world charm with today’s rather minimalistic approach to accessorising.

Featuring everything from tassels to charms, FIORINA’s entire range of jewellery is nothing short of a decorative delight. With a loyal clientele both within Australia and overseas, Fiorina is admired globally.

FIORINA Jewellery


Viewed as the modern minimalist’s dream jewellery brand, SAINT VALENTINE focuses on simple yet streamlined high-quality pieces. Initially selling direct to consumers at Sydney’s Bondi Markets, in 2020, SAINT VALENTINE’s founder and head designer Georgia Wyrill opened the brand’s first retail store in the heart of Bondi. 

Striving to create a curated range of environmentally friendly pieces, Wyrill and her small team opted to sell the brand’s jewellery on a limited-release basis. Doing so has not only enabled Wyrill and her team to focus on the meaning and craftsmanship behind each collection, but also allows them to ensure all pieces of jewellery align with SAINT VALENTINE’s ethical commitments and future endeavours.  

Due to the brand’s wide selection of streamlined accessories, SAINT VALENTINE jewels can slip seamlessly into any jewellery box. 

 Saint Valentine


Emma Pills

Spotted on international celebrities, Australian socialites, and prominent industry figures alike, Emma Pills is notably one of the most in-demand jewellery brands within Australia and internationally.  

Since launching in 2020, the bold, bright, and bedazzled jewellery brand has been mentioned in the likes of WWD, VOGUE, GRAZIA, and Cosmopolitan – not to mention the thousands of Australian publications that spotlighted Emma Pills after the brand’s recent debut at Australian Fashion Week. Renowned for their eye-catching out-of-the-box designs, the Sydney born brand is admired for its individuality, experimentation, and youthful approach to design.

Despite launching amidst a global pandemic, founder and CEO Emma Pillimer never let the odds stack against her. Since onboarding international businesswoman and influencer Natasha Oakley as the brand’s Chief Executive Officer, insiders are predicting the trendy accessories brand to reach a whopping $1 million USD ($1.42 million AUD) in revenue by 2023, WWD reports.

Emma Pills

Now recognised as the ultimate cool-girl jewellery brand, in 2022, Emma Pills is not just stealing the spotlight, but creating it.

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5 Australian Jewellery Brands We’re Loving Right Now