Christina Aguilera brought her own ‘Menulog’ tote to Melbourne 
We speak with the Aussie mastermind behind the blinged-out bag.

In case you missed it (but we know you didn’t) global pop icon Christina Aguilera returned to Australia for the first time in 15 years last week – with a custom-designed Menulog-themed bag in tow. 
The much-loved pop singer was papped en route to LAX with the bling-tactic leather tote, emblazoned with diamontes, gold charms and the eminent  Menulog knife and fork in blinding white. 

The Casper team couldn’t take our eyes off it. The chunky key rings! The delicate stitching! The craftsmanship! We simply had to know who was behind the bag. And when we discovered it was hand-stitched by Australian designer by Weave Collection, a tell-all Q&A felt, well, essential. 

Luckily for us (and you, of course), Weave was happy to spill all the juicy details with us. From the design process to future collaborations, they didn’t miss a beat. 

Keep reading for our candid chat with the creative genius behind the glitzy, Christina-approved bag. 

You and Menulog collaborated on a blinged-out delivery bag. Can you tell us about the bag's journey? 

It began with an idea, a conversation that began to grow and blossom. I was asked to reimagine the Menulog delivery bag and to create something that was the luxury idea of this iconic bag concept. As you can imagine I was thrilled to be able to develop such an extraordinary idea and then to have Christina Arguilera wearing it, it was a dream! 

What was the design process and your inspiration? 

It was a huge collaboration of moving parts to bring the finished piece together. From arranging digitally printed artwork for the lining in recycled fabric, to creating the key rings with Menulog imprinted on them, to commissioning a jeweller to create the gold charms. Having the Menulog logo created in diamantes which needed to be specially heat set into the leather, with many trials and errors to reach the right result. I had to call on many experts to make each piece perfect.

I was working day and night sometimes to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle would coordinate. Once all the pieces were in place I was able to hand craft the leather bag myself in my Sydney studio! 

What was it like to see Christina Aguilera carry your bag on her journey and then to Australia?

It really is a buzz to have a dream turn into reality, seeing a piece that is in your hands and so carefully crafted and loved, to be sent off into the big wide world not knowing what may become of it! Then to see it before your own eyes actually happen with Menulog and Christina. Honestly, it's a real sense of accomplishment and pride. I have always believed in hard work pays off, and this was a wonderful example of that. 

Which part of the design is your favorite, and how many hours did it take/how many team members were involved? 

The hours are uncountable at this point because from initiation, to approvals, sourcing, designing, logistics for each piece and tracking that, I have eaten, slept and dreamt about Menulog for the last couple of months!

The process is so intricate that no stone can go unturned. You just can’t take your eyes off the ball at any time as something may not coordinate. I could not make the bag until the diamantés were on, or the glue had dried from the foundation…with a tight deadline it really meant not a huge amount of sleep!

I must admit my favourite part of the bag is the inside, the custom-designed leather snap on the avocado holder. Inspired by the shape and function of the good old Australian stubby holder. However I have made it very classy and glam!

Tell us why you wanted to get on board with Menulog, and what is it about the brand’s messaging that appeals to you? 

The absolute showcase of their commercials is extraordinary. I was very into hip-hop when I was young and seeing Christina and Latto performing hip-hop and opera together is awesome! The company always pushes boundaries, working with big artists but also supporting smaller ones, creating stunning concepts and original ideas. That is also what I am about, and represent, so I'm thrilled to have been asked to work on this. 

Where do you hope this collaboration leads next? Do you hope Menulog expands into a more fashion/lifestyle space? 

I think that the brand is very food and grocery driven. However, it would be cool if we could start offering these special Menulog bags to Christina fans across the country. We’ve had so many requests for it. I think there’s a world of ideas waiting to unfold out there and we are just sitting on.. watch this space!!!!

Check out Christina's TikTok video, 'What's in My Bag,' to get an exclusive peek inside her glamorous Menulog bag. And while you're there, why not share your thoughts with us? What item in her bag surprised you the most? Would you rock a bling-tactic tote like this?

Hero Image RB/Bauer-Griffin 'Glamour'

Kristina Roach

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Christina Aguilera brought her own ‘Menulog’ tote to Melbourne