Fashion-Forward Frosty Runs: The Latest in Chic and Innovative Winter Running Gear
Conquer the Chill in Style: Discover the Fusion of Fashion and Functionality

Hey there, trendsetters! It might be frosty out, but that's no reason to tuck yourself away in a cozy yoga studio. Imagine the invigorating thrill of hitting the urban streets for a winter run – yes, even when the thermometer takes a nosedive! But let's be real, nailing your look is key. We're talking windproof jackets that marry style with function, brushed leggings that make comfort a statement, and those oh-so-cozy chunky socks.

When it's all about keeping the elements in check, layering is your secret weapon. That's where having an array of cold weather must-haves in your wardrobe comes into play. Trust us, it's a game-changer.

Now, if you're geared up to lace up but find yourself pondering over the ultimate gear to conquer rain, gusty winds, and that biting winter air – fret not, we've got you covered (literally). Right below, we're dishing out the complete lowdown on how to embrace the coldest days of the season, ensuring you pound that pavement with unparalleled comfort and undeniable flair.*

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Base layers 

To truly winter-proof your run, you need to start with a quality base layer. And no, that ratty, long sleeve tee you’ve had in rotation since the days of the iPod shuffle won’t do! Quality base layers will not only keep you warm, they’ll wick sweat away so you stay dry and cosy all run long. Some are so well-designed, they’ll even minimise odour. Base layers should be comfortable, lightweight and fit like a second skin, so be mindful of choosing the right size. 

Our top picks include: 

Adidas by Stella McCartney True Purpose Long Sleeve
Adidas Fast Running Half-Zip Long Sleeve Top
2XU Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve
2XU Ignition 1/4 ZipSundried Grand Tournalin Women's Training Top
Nimble Active Wear


Leggings are a dime a dozen these days. You no doubt wear them to the gym, to the supermarket, maybe even to work (guilty)! But not all leggings are created equal and the pair you slip on for a Sunday afternoon stroll will be very different to the ones you reach for before a 6 am run in the depths of winter. To brave the colder months of the year, look for leggings that have a breathable, brushed lining that will trap heat without weighing you down. You’ll also want leggings that support your muscles and allow for full range of movement. Bonus points for those that provide wind protection …and have pockets! 

Lululemon Fast and Free High-Rise Fleece Tight 28"
Adidas by Stella McCartney logo-print 7/8 yoga leggings
Ecoalf Lisbon Performance Leggings 
Nimble Trail Time Legging 
dk active Baseline Full Length Tight 

Adidas stella McCartney


The key to making winter running bearable is a reliable jacket. From lightweight shells to heavy duty vests, there is a wide range of options out there. 

Look for jackets made from nylon, fleece, polyester or wool and be sure to pick one that is waterproof, not just water resistant.

Most importantly, you’ll want a winter running jacket that keeps you warm but isn’t too bulky, allows for movement and is breathable (to avoid overheating). A jacket you can comfortably tie around your waist is a huge plus if you tend to, er, run hot when on the move.

Styles we’re eyeing: 

Adidas Own the Run Hooded Running Windbreaker 
Sundried Threshold Women's Jacket
Adidas by Stella McCartney mesh-panel lightweight jacket

Nike Essential Women's Running Jacket
Motion Bomber


Accessories can make or break any outfit – your winter running ensemble is no exception. 

Gloves, socks, a beanie or a headband all play a role when fighting off the chill and provide reliable protection from the elements. 

Here’s what we’ll be adding to cart:

2XU Run Beanie
Run Gloves
allbirds Trino® Cozy Crew
Amble Highlands Beanie
Sundried Running Socks

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adidas running Jacket
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Fashion-Forward Frosty Runs: The Latest in Chic and Innovative Winter Running Gear