Guilt-Free Glamour: Discovering the World of Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds
Discover the future of Jewellery with The Prestwick Place

The world of diamond jewellery has undergone a significant shift in recent years, with consumers becoming increasingly conscious about the impact of their choices.

In light of this, lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a promising alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. Our Editor-in-Chief, Maria, recently had a chance to catch up with Rebecca Klodinsky, co-founder of The Prestwick Place, a lab-grown diamond jewellery brand. In this interview, Rebecca shares her insights on the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds and how they're disrupting the jewellery industry in a big way.

According to Rebecca Klodinsky, there's no chemical difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural, mined diamond. They are both simply crystal-clear carbon, meaning a lab diamond has the same hardness (10/10), the same look, and the same sparkle as a mined diamond.

The process of creating lab-grown diamonds involves advanced technology that replicates the high pressure and high temperature conditions that occur deep within the earth, where natural diamonds are formed. However, instead of taking millions of years to form, lab-grown diamonds take only a few weeks to grow in a laboratory. The result is a conflict-free and eco-friendly diamond that offers the same quality and beauty as mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have presented eco-conscious consumers with an opportunity to indulge in diamond glitz and glamour without any guilt. The rise in popularity of these sparkling stones has created a scenario where you no longer have to compromise between style and ethics.

Many businesses are currently in a beta phase trialing lab-grown diamonds in their pieces.

The diamond industry has traditionally been associated with conflict, exploitation and environmental damage, but ethical brands like The Prestwick Place, founded by Rebecca Klodinsky and her partner Lachie Henderson, are offering customers a stunning and sustainable alternative.

Specialising in gorgeous lab-grown maisonette and diamonds, this ethical diamond and fine jewellery brand provides consumers with transparent pricing and conflict-free stones. Each stone is created in a laboratory setting from silicon carbide, one of the hardest minerals in the world, and is designed to last a lifetime.

The Prestwick Place is headquartered in Australia, where every stone is artfully crafted by a team of highly-trained jewellers. Although lab-grown diamonds are still a relatively new concept in the diamond industry, they are quickly gaining popularity due to their ethical and sustainable nature. In fact, according to recent statistics, the market share of lab-grown engagement rings grew to 19% in 2020, and by 2021 it had risen to over 24%. By the end of this year, it's predicted that almost 40% of the engagement rings sold will be lab-grown. The Prestwick Place is poised to play an integral role in the exciting growth of this eco-friendly trend.

With lab-grown diamonds from brands such as The Prestwick Place, you can now make a confident choice that aligns with your ethical values and also provides a dazzling addition to your collection.

If you want to learn more about The Prestwick Place and lab-grown diamonds, tune in to our latest podcast episode featuring Rebecca Klodinsky.

Click #25 Lab-Grown Diamonds with Rebecca Klodinsky to listen now.


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Guilt-Free Glamour: Discovering the World of Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds