Meet NOIRANCA, the Eco-Conscious Leather-Less Handbag Brand
Elevate your look with one of these PETA-approved accessories.

Having launched in early 2021, NOIRANCA has had an incredible rise. Dubbed as one of the more luxurious yet sustainable accessory brands to enter the fashion market, NOIRANCA has already been privy to a wealth of success.

Combining the words ‘Noir’ (black) and ‘Bianca’ (white) for their name, NOIRANCA is an eco-friendly, entirely sustainable vegan handbag brand based in the United States. Fusing fine craftsmanship with environmentally conscious processes, packaging, and procedures has seen the new-found brand become a buyer’s delight.

Unlike most – if any – handbag and accessory brands, NOIRANCA’s entire range is made from responsibly sourced, PETA-approved vegan leather. Handcrafted in a fifty-year-old atelier by thirty talented artisans, each and every piece NOIRANCA produces has been designed with both purpose and sustainability in mind.

Since debuting the brand’s first collection in 2021, which featured just five styles, NOIRANCA’s sustainable ethos and aesthetically gorgeous designs has resulted in the trendy American brand making fashion headlines around the world.

Having been featured in numerous international publications including Vogue, HYPEBAE, and WWD, NOIRANCA has also participated in several trade shows and press events across New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

The brand recently debuted their new CyberFemme collection in April this year, proving that, like many brands in the fashion industry, they too have been influenced by the industry’s shift towards the digital realm.

Inspired by Cyberfeminism, which initially rose to prominence in the 1990s, the brand’s new CyberFemme collection is a ‘continuation to the artistic movement’. Featuring five new consciously created geometric handbags, CyberFemme is a celebration of the digital empowerment by all women in the Cyberworld.

Aiming to merge the feminine force in both the real and digital world, CyberFemme has been designed to reclaim the voices of all women in the face of digital patriarchy.

With their artistically expressive collections, NOIRANCA has continued to push boundaries in the areas of sustainability, transparency, and traceability. Their product boxes are made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard and paper and, using the hashtag #MyNoirancaBox, the brand is encouraging consumers to reuse their boxes in everyday life.

We firmly believe that with the right sustainability approach, fashion can be a force for good, even if goes against the industry grain. It is our commitment to the earth; it is our culture.

When it comes to suppliers, NOIRANCA have chosen to work exclusively with those who provide product traceability, as well as a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for artisans. They source all materials near the brands local production facilities with the hopes of supporting local business while also reducing the brand’s environmental impact.

This commitment to traceability, transparency, and positive consumption has seen the American brand go from strength to strength. In 2022, NOIRANCA have successfully cemented their reputation as a trusted, sustainable brand that values their positive impact as much as their success.

Although we may not know what’s next for NOIRANCA, if the CyberFemme collection has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and prepare for the best. 

Shop NOIRANCA’s new CyberFemme collection online here.

Phoebe Blogg

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Meet NOIRANCA, the Eco-Conscious Leather-Less Handbag Brand