Melbourne Fashion Designer Viceta Wang: Exclusive Q&A with a Rising Star
An Insight Into Viceta Wang's Style Journey and Inspiration

Hello Fashionistas, I'm thrilled to kick off AFF 2023 with a special Q&A session featuring Melbourne's rising star in the fashion world - Viceta Wang!

Viceta's unwavering passion for design and undeniable eye for detail empower women to embrace their unique style. I recently had the pleasure of viewing her latest collection, 'Infinity', and as a fashion enthusiast following global runways, I was blown away by her daring yet elegant designs.

Viceta's journey in the fashion industry has been remarkable, starting from her childhood holidays where she would spend hours sketching and designing dresses. Today, she has launched her own independent fashion label, drawing inspiration from her background in Fashion Design from China and her work with global retailers before settling down in Australia.

At Casper Magazine, we celebrate individuality and empower women to express themselves through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. That's why I'm thrilled to have Viceta Wang join me for an insightful conversation about her philosophy, journey, and advice for aspiring fashion designers.

Get ready to be inspired by Viceta's infectious enthusiasm and passion for design, bringing two worlds together through fashion.

Scroll down to read the full Q&A session!

MU: What inspired the unique combination of bold colours and fabrics in your Infinity Collection?

For our Fall-Winter 2023 collection, we found inspiration in the beauty of our universe, the cosmos, the planets, and the stars. This season's colour palette was heavily influenced by our distinctive multi-coloured galaxy, the Milky Way. The orange energy of the sun and Neptune's shades of blue also had a strong influence on our collection. We used reflective fabrics, metallic threading, and crystal embellishments to represent the stars, creating a celestial energy.

MU: Can you tell us more about the craftsmanship behind the garments?

The craftsmanship embedded in our garments takes years of experience to perfect and many hours to produce. Some of our custom pieces require days of labor to complete. We have a close relationship with our tailors, who work hard to bring our concepts to life in our dedicated studio space. Our tailors, some with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, apply couture finishing by hand to add a touch of bespoke to our pieces. We are drawn towards luxurious natural fabrics, such as silk and cashmere, which, combined with unique handmade techniques, bring unexpected yet timeless details to our designs. As an independent designer, everything we buy and produce is done on a small scale, with small inventory and limited pieces. Some of our pieces take a lot of time to create, and we measure the production timeline in days rather than hours.

MU: How did you come up with the idea to take inspiration from the universe for this collection?

Infinity is a reflection of the meaningful synergy that exists between beings. This collection invites us to contemplate the beauty of the stars, the moon, the sun, and the mysteries surrounding our existence. We are all participants in the universe, connected to cosmic space. The idea to draw inspiration from the universe aligns with the concept of interconnectedness and our relationship with the unknown. We also chose to shoot our campaign at the Heide Museum of Modern Art, featuring the iconic sculpture "Rings of Saturn" by artist Inge King, to bring a celestial feeling to our collection.

MU: Which pieces did you enjoy designing the most and why?

The pieces that I enjoy designing the most are definitely the bright and colourful ones. In particular, the orange pieces from our Infinity collection were my favorites because they capture the magnetism and energy of the sun. We aimed to radiate light and hope with our orange pieces, recreating the glimpse of the morning sun peaking over the horizon at dawn.

MU: What emotions and feelings do you hope people will have when they wear your Infinity Collection?

Our Infinity collection delves into our interconnectivity to the cosmos. Each piece invites wearers to explore the mysteries surrounding our existence and embrace the beauty of the universe. We hope this collection inspires people to appreciate the simple yet meaningful things in everyday life, observe the stars and the moon, and appreciate the cosmic synergy. The diverse colour palette brings a sense of optimism and joy, instantly uplifting one's spirits.

MU: Viceta, what is the philosophy behind your boutique and its offerings?

Our boutique combines traditional ideas of bespoke tailoring and personalised services with sustainable practices of limited inventory and producing many pieces only on demand. As a small business, we focus on creating high-quality garments that endure in both the wardrobe and the heart over a lifetime. We offer a limited supply of ready-to-wear collections, allowing clients to choose off the rack or order something more special. Our custom-made service enables clients to co-create pieces they will love forever, with the option of bespoke tailoring for the perfect fit. Many of our pieces offer further customisation options, such as lengthening a dress or changing the colour of a jacket, giving clients

Images Courtesy Viceta Wang

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Melbourne Fashion Designer Viceta Wang: Exclusive Q&A with a Rising Star