Mizuki: Fine Jewellery for Every Occasion
The jewellery pieces to level up every outfit you own.

Fine jewellery is often seen as a one-time wearing experience, but with brands like Mizuki, longevity is the name of the game. Designer and founder Mizuki Goltz offers a wide range of beautiful pieces to level up your outfits on every occasion, from a day at the office to a night out with the girls and beyond.

I am constantly refining and evolving so that the jewellery becomes a part of a woman’s individuality and an expression of who she is. I strive to let the pieces move, flow and breathe with the body.

If you are looking to invest in unique pieces that can be worn everywhere without feeling too boujie, we got you! These are the pieces we will be wearing over and over:

Day-to-day in the office

Add a double earring to your office outfits for that chic finish!

Kissing Double Pearl Safety Pin Earrings

Buy here.

Mizuki pearl earrings

Baby Pearl Studs

Buy here.

Medium Ballchain with Diamond Star Medallion Necklace

Buy here.

Mizuki star medallion necklace

Date night

All about pearls: statement earrings and pearls are a winning combo to impress.

Large Cut Bead Open Marquis Earrings

Buy here.

Mizuki open marquis earring

Open Multi Diamond and Baroque White Pearl Ring

Buy here.

Medium Ballchain with Diamond and Pearl Necklace

Buy here.

Mizuki diamond pearl necklace

Multi Pearl Drop Necklace

Buy here.

Mizuki pearl drop necklace

A night out with the girls

Get the best of both worlds by combining a daring ear cuff with a classy pearly necklace.

Large Diamond and Pearl Ear Cuff

Buy here.

Mizuki pearl ear cuff

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Buy here.

Day out with the family

Summer strolls are made for anklets, and if you add diamonds on top, you’ll be walking in ultimate style.

Open Diamond and White Pearl Ring

Buy here.

Mizuki open pearl ring

Diamond Pear and Floating Spaced Pearl Bracelet

Buy here.

Multi Pearl Drop Anklet

Buy here.

Mizuki pearl drop anklet

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Mizuki: Fine Jewellery for Every Occasion