February 16, 2023

Staying Alive & Rich: Mindfulness with Michael Bunting

Staying Alive & Rich: Mindfulness with Michael Bunting
Join Maria and Michael as they talk about mindfulness, leadership, and personal wellbeing.

Following our summer break, Casper’s Staying Alive & Rich podcast is back for 2023 with our first guest, leadership expert and best-selling author Michael Bunting!

Michael writes, speaks, and consults about leadership and employee wellbeing, focusing on mindfulness and burnout prevention in companies of all sizes. From The Mindful Leader (2016) to his newly published Vertical Growth: How Self Awareness Transforms Leaders and Organisations (2022), Michael’s books are best-selling repositories of wisdom for anyone looking to improve their own wellbeing and its effects on their work.

On this episode of the Staying Alive & Rich podcast, our host Maria speaks with Michael about how personal wellbeing and mindfulness is a powerful tool, not only for our personal lives, but our professional ones, too.

Michael and Maria traverse a variety of topics, from our overuse of social media to how we keep up appearances through image management, to tackle wellness in a holistic, deeply individual way.

So, do you want to know how internal peace can make you an effective leader? Or how childhood trauma is reflected in your self-image?

Give this episode a listen – you won’t regret it!

Besides, aren’t you curious about the ‘oceanic stillness that replenishes us’?

Find out about it here.

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Staying Alive & Rich: Mindfulness with Michael Bunting