Sustainable Fashion Shines Bright at VAULT's Upcycle Runway during Melbourne Fashion Week
Collaboration with Local Designers Breathes New Life into Pre-Loved Designer Garments

Melbourne Fashion Week (M/FW) - From October 23rd to 29th, the fashion spotlight will shine brightly over Melbourne City as it transforms into a haven for fashion enthusiasts. Across the city, a dazzling array of shows and runways will take centre stage, showcasing the remarkable talents of our emerging designers and their unique brilliance.

One particular show that has us brimming with excitement is the VAULT Upcycled Runway. In its second year, this show is a stunning fusion of the past and the present, a testament to sustainability and style.

VAULT, the National Trust's beloved pre-loved designer fashion outlet, is spearheading the Upcycle Runway on October 26th as part of Melbourne Fashion Week (M/FW). This event, now in its second year, sees VAULT collaborating with both up-and-coming and established Melbourne designers. Together, they breathe new life into pre-loved garments, taking one piece from their collections and transforming it into a fresh, wearable creation. The runway will feature a blend of avant-garde and streetwear styles, highlighting the importance of fashion reuse and championing sustainable practices in the industry.

This year's show promises to be an even more delightful and prestigious affair, with a lineup of fashion designers whose talents are as extraordinary as the creations they unveil.

Curated by VAULT's own Jack Fordham, the evening's fashion parade will unveil the imaginative creations of ten local designers. It will be hosted within Melbourne's iconic Block Arcade, renowned for its architectural significance and home to the VAULT store, making it the perfect setting for this innovative and eco-conscious event.

This event aims to celebrate how great design and craftsmanship are always in fashion! Melbourne boasts a diverse group of fashion designers who are not only incredibly talented but also leaders in sustainable fashion practices. Collaborating with these designers to reimagine pieces from VAULT allows us to showcase how vintage garments can take on a whole new life with patience and creativity.

He continued, We have an unparalleled collection of pre-loved designer clothing and luxury brands from Australia and Europe, and to see key pieces come to life in new and innovative ways is really exciting. We can't wait for ticket holders to enjoy seeing these incredible pieces being walked down the runway.

All garments showcased, available in sizes ranging from 8 to 20, will be on sale at VAULT after the event, with proceeds supporting the National Trust in its mission to conserve and protect Victoria's natural, cultural, and built heritage.

The runway event's highlight will be the selection of one creation as the 'winning' designer piece, which will find a permanent home in the National Trust's esteemed Costume Collection.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM (for an 8:15 PM start)
Venue: Block Arcade, 282 Collins St, Melbourne
Ticket Prices: $55 for National Trust Vic Members; $65 for standard entry; $120 Membership + ticket

Tickets for VAULT's runway event are available for purchase on Eventbrite, click here.

The Upcycle Runway will feature creations by ten talented local designers:

  • Kara Baker – fashion designer and couturiere who has influenced Australia’s fashion and design landscape since the early ‘80s
  • Chi Weller – fashion designer known for hand-made garments using planet-friendly materials and practices
  • Aaron Costa – Kangan Institute fashion graduate whose design methods focus on reconstruction and zero waste pattern making
  • Millie Deboo – Fashion and costume designer with a focus on slow fashion
  • Jaklina Ristevski (SMENA) – Founder and designer, creating handmade pieces using sustainable practices and the highest quality limited edition leathers
  • Suzan Dlouhy (SZN) – Founder and designer, using reductive pattern making to produce minimal garments in organic and sustainable fabrics
  • Hannah Jane Maybury – Self-taught seamstress studying fashion and costume
  • Zaida Rodriguez (LaGuapa) – Committed to making 100% of their designs from sustainable materials that are recycled, renewable, regenerative or sourced responsibly
  • Kristy Barber (KUWAII) – Classic pieces designed for longevity, wearability, durability and versatility, all created using 100% of their own archival surplus fabrics
  • Amy Cottrell (Student Designer of the Year) – Designer of ethical slow fashion brand of the same name, aimed at merging the use of repurposed or recycled materials with innovative materials, construction techniques and technologies

About VAULT: A Fashion Treasure by the National Trust

Nestled within Melbourne's renowned Block Arcade, VAULT emerges as a surprising gem within the fashion world. VAULT offers an exquisitely curated collection of premium pre-loved designer garments, promising a unique shopping experience like no other. Its racks reveal an exceptional array of bespoke brands and labels, spanning both esteemed European designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, and Issey Miyake, and beloved Australian icons such as Medwin and Leon Cutler.

VAULT's charm extends beyond its fashion offerings, as it resides within the historic Block Arcade. Renowned for its Victorian Mannerist style and intricate stucco adornments, this arcade exudes architectural and aesthetic significance with its European-inspired design and opulent interior embellishments. Every purchase at VAULT contributes to the noble cause of supporting the National Trust in its tireless efforts to preserve and safeguard Victoria's natural, cultural, and architectural heritage.

Join us in celebrating sustainable fashion, creativity, and the transformation of pre-loved garments into stunning new pieces at VAULT's Upcycle Runway during Melbourne Fashion Week.

Maria Ugrinovski

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Sustainable Fashion Shines Bright at VAULT's Upcycle Runway during Melbourne Fashion Week