What Makes the Slouch Pant a Necessary Spring Staple?
A wardrobe necessity to carry you from the desk to dinner.

With an increase in flora, humidity, and sunshine, it’s safe to say, spring has officially sprung. As we move one step closer to summer, it only makes sense that our wardrobe does, too. Unlike winter and summer, when temperatures are much more predictable, spring’s fluctuating climate can make dressing for the new season anything but easy.

Gone are the days of restrictive jeans and rigid silhouettes: this season’s legwear is all about pants that are as comfortable as they are chic. That said, this month at Casper Magazine, our editors are making dressing for the new season that little bit easier by opting to invest in the ultra-trendy, rather roomy slouch pant. 

The slouch pant, or should I say the comfort pant, has been dubbed this season’s go-to staple. The often hip-grazing, loose-fitting style of trouser has been spotted on consumers, celebrities, and socialites across the globe, and for good reason.  

Despite the somewhat baggy style of trouser first appearing on the runways in 2008, it was not until late last year (2021) that the slouch pant truly spiked in popularity: they are now worshiped by trend-setting millennials. 

Whether you’re after a polished put-together office outfit, or something a little more smart-casual, the slouch pant acts as the perfect partner to both. Able to pair well with almost anything, it’s no wonder the relaxed form of legwear is adored by our most fashionable frontrunners – think Hailey Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Zendaya. 

When it comes to what you should look for when investing in your own pair of slouch pants, length, material, and colour should be top priority.

In terms of length, opting for a floor grazing trouser that falls just below the ankle will guarantee that you nail that model-off-duty effortless aesthetic. A slightly longer pair of trousers provides you with the option of having your pants tailored, if you prefer your slouch pants adjusted to specific measurements. A longer style of slouch pant also creates that free-flowing silhouette this trend is known for. 

When considering fabric, it may come as a surprise to many, but the material of your pants is as important as the style, colour, and length – perhaps even more so. 

The fabric you choose will not only determine how you style your pants, but how they will sit on your waist or hips. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, and polyester are great options, as they fall gracefully while also creating a crisp clean line when ironed, pressed, or steamed.  

The final key to success? The colour palette. Although it’s easy to opt for minimalistic hues of black, white, and grey, this trend encourages the experimentation of colour, pattern, and texture. After all, the goal is comfort! What you may feel comfortable in, the next person may not, so choose styles that you personally feel comfortable wearing – no matter what colour they may be. Neutral tones are great for versatility, whereas the slightly brighter, more daring shades are ideal for occasion attire.

Whether you’re an avid fashion-loving fanatic or complete newbie, styling slouch pants is as easy as slipping them on. Wide-legged, high-waisted styles pair well with either a ribbed knit, oversized blazer, or loose-fitting blouse, while low-slung, hip-grazing styles look elevated with a fitted sweater or tunic.

Whatever style of slouch pant you do choose to invest in this season, remember that comfort is key. Although ushering in a new season does come with the added joy of investing in these new wardrobe necessities, be sure to invest wisely, prioritise comfort, and experiment. After all, the slouch pant is no longer just a staple, but a statement. 

See below for our editor’s must-have styles.

GANNI striped suiting trousers

Sebastian Pant By Camilla & Marc

Conscious Materiel high-waisted wide-leg trousers

Oroton Slouch Pant

Phoebe Blogg

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What Makes the Slouch Pant a Necessary Spring Staple?