October 19, 2021

Australia's Top 5 Sustainable Activewear Brands

Australia's Top 5 Sustainable Activewear Brands
Now is the perfect time to update and refresh your activewear wardrobe.

If that's the only attire you have been wearing for the past months, you might be thinking you don’t want to wear activewear ever again, but these options will make you change your mind for good.

Although it’s easy to hyper-focus on how pretty the fabric prints are and how good they look on you, next time you're buying activewear, put those aside for a second to consider the brand’s values. This will tell you a lot about the investment you are about to make and the items you will potentially buy. We recommend you look at the brand's description, where it'll usually tell you if something is going on regarding sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

These are some of the top values we look for when searching for activewear clothing. Look for fair trade and ethical labour practices, natural and recycled fabrics, and local, limited, and conscious production. To guide and support you to sweat in sustainable style, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Australian activewear brands that are doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance gear while protecting both people and the planet. 


When sourcing materials, Nimble choose those with a lower impact on the environment while promoting better manufacturing and recycling practices. Take a look at their signature MoveLite fabric, made from used plastic bottles broken into flakes, melted into pellets, spun into yarn, and knitted; that's creativity taken to the next level. Oh, and don't forget that the parcel will come wrapped up in compostable materials every time you buy online.

Stash & Dash 7/8 Legging


Looking for luxe gear without comprising the planet? Then this is the collection you were waiting for. 70% of AJE ATHLETICA is made using consciously sourced materials, such as organic cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester. That's not all: the AJE ATHLETICA packaging prides itself on polybags made from 100% compostable material, which is an excellent step towards eliminating the contribution to landfills.


DK Active

When looking into the DK archives, we can see that their activewear is made from a carefully selected group of high-quality textiles. The brand is highly selective about their fabric manufacturers to ensure they meet the DK ethical and environmental standards. The DK values go beyond that, too, with inclusivity being a major point in their favour. DK offers extended sizing, making their collections ‘for everybody and for everybody.’

Dk Active Legacy Top

P.E Nation

As one of the fastest growing activewear companies on the map, P.E Nation aren’t taking sustainability practices for granted. Year after year, the team produces eco-friendly conscious activewear, valuing sustainability and protecting the planet at its very best. In addition to some fabric-based improvements, they have significantly transitioned their packaging into new versions that are fully recyclable.


Organically grown bamboo is the king at Boody's chain, and here’s why: it doesn't require pesticides, fertilisers, or irrigation to enhance its growth! Instead, it grows like a weed, making it a really sustainable material source. Packaging is well made with recycled, post-consumer waste by FSC-certified suppliers, showing clearly how Boody prioritises the preservation of natural ecosystems and the prevention of deforestation. 

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Australia's Top 5 Sustainable Activewear Brands