Autumnal Hair Colour Trends 2024
Expert Tips & Must-Try Shades Revealed

With autumn upon us, there’s no better time to refresh your tresses. To bring us up to speed with the wave of hues about to dominate, we’ve asked hair stylist Steph Bacelic from Melbourne's beloved Beatnik Studio for her take on this season's hottest colour trends. And yes – there's lots of red and copper. 

Whether you're booking a salon appointment or trying out new looks at home, continue reading for Steph's expert advice on effortlessly embracing the latest colour palette for the season ahead.

Let’s take a peek. 

Buttercream Blonde: A soft transition into Autumn

For those seeking to maintain a lighter vibe throughout the cooler seasons, Steph recommends the enchanting 'Buttercream Blonde.' This rich, creamy colour is the perfect autumn approach, offering a muted variation of the summer blonde. Steph advises blondes to opt for a full highlight session with a slight root shadow for a soft regrowth effect. Toning with natural beige and warm tones enhances the creamy allure, providing a refreshing change for the colder months.

Styling at home?  Steph suggests Revlon Professional's Nutri Colour Filter 1003 Pale Gold or Nutri Colour Filter 931 for a slightly cooler beige tone. A quick 3-minute application refreshes the colour, while leaving it on for up to 15 minutes deepens the tone.

Cherry Cola: Dua Lipa's brings it back 

Step into autumn with the revival of Dua Lipa's cherry cola hair. Steph breaks down the process, emphasising a chocolatey-brown base and reddish-burgundy overtones for a glossy, shiny finish. For those with dark hair already, Steph says a red colour glaze should be applied to add a warm tone to your hair, or, if you are starting from scratch, then she says to ask for a deep brown colour with lots of red mixed in to achieve this cherry-cola hue. 

If you aren't ready to go all in with the red trend, Steph says those with a brunette base should try their hand with a combination of the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Filter 500 and 642. This allows you to rock the colour for the season while keeping your locks healthy, leaving it on for up to 15 minutes depending on how deep you want to go with the colour. 

For those looking to change from light to a darker colour like this, Steph says you should schedule a consultation with your colourist to chat about your options and what will work best for you.   


Mushroom Brown: A natural but distinctive choice

Mushroom brown emerges as the versatile colour choice for the cooler months, offering a natural yet distinctive option suitable for all hair types. Steph recommends creating a neutral-toned brown base with subtle highlights, making it a low-maintenance and effortlessly chic option. To maintain this cool-toned shade, is an excellent at-home treatment.

For those seeking a darker cool brown, Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filter 512 Ash Brown keeps warmth at bay, hydrating and nourishing your hair during the winter.

Cowboy Copper: Embracing brown undertones

If the red trend has captivated you, you’ll love the enduring appeal of cowboy copper. Steph describes it as a perfect blend of brown and copper, particularly suited for brunettes. 

In other words? It’s a great way to enter the red category without going all in.

For a permanent vibrant colour, Steph recommends Revlon Professional Colorsmetique Intense Copper 66.40, offering trend-setting colour along with moisturising and protective benefits.

You could also try Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filter 740 Light Copper for a customisable and intensely nourishing colour treatment.

Expensive Brunette: Timeless elegance

The 'Expensive Brunette' trend continues its reign in 2024, celebrating rich brown hues with abundant shine. Steph stresses the importance of a robust hair care regime to preserve this luxurious colour. The Revlon Professional RE/START Colour range, including shampoo, conditioner and mask, stands out as her top pick for maintaining the colour and providing extra nourishment during the dry winter months.

You can also achieve the look at home with Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filters 524 Coppery Pearl Brown or Nutri Colour Filters 613 Golden Ash Brown, leaving the product in for up to 15 minutes for a deeper tone.

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Autumnal Hair Colour Trends 2024