The Natural Glow Trend of 2024
Dive into the world of off-duty models and their beauty routines as we reveal the must-have products

You can say ‘adios’ to your false lashes and full-coverage foundation this summer because the 2023/2024 season is all about pairing back the layers and embracing a more natural allure. 

Hey, if it’s good enough for Pamela Anderson at Paris Fashion Week (not to mention all the dazzling models gracing the runways), it’s good enough for us. 

But how does one, ahem, achieve that coveted, I-swear-I-just-wake-up-looking-flawless look? 
Well, it all comes down to enhancing and protecting what you were born with. In other words? Getting your skincare on point. This means serums, creams and moisturisers (no judgement if they’re tinted!) that brighten your complexion and let your natural features shine. 

Ahead, we share some of our favourite products from Adore Beauty and Selfridges to help you nail that barefaced-but-better vibe.

Seeing Spots

Those sun kisses you hated as a kid? They couldn’t be more sought after in 2023.  If you have the necessary genetic predisposition (usually if you’re on the fairer side with blonde or red hair, but darker-skinned beauties can, er, spot them too!), exposure to the sun will bring freckles out on your visage. 

Achieving a freckled look with products that boast high SPF is the way to go. Here are some products we’re currently mad for.

Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 50
Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+
IT Cosmetics 
Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+
Dewy-C SPF50+ Facial Sun Milk
Ultra Violette 
Daydream Screen SPF50 Tinted Veil

Glow Time

We've seen it all – from extreme highlighting that made us look like glazed doughnuts to sparkling meteorites and full spectrum glitters. But what truly captivates is a radiant glow that looks effortless yet demands a second glance.

So how do you pull it off? Creams and serums infused with plumping Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and ceramides! These are just a few we are eyeing right now.

Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier
Hydro-Lock Sleep Mask
By Terry 
Cellularose® Brightening CC Serum Colour Control Radiance Elixir 
Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum With Plant Hyaluronic Acid
Skincare Hydrate Plumping Moisturiser.

The Off-Duty Model Look

If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling TikTok just to catch a glimpse of Kaia or Bella not sashaying down the catwalk, there’s a strong chance you’re a fan of the enviable off-duty model look. Think flushed cheeks, groomed brows and a subtle lip. 

Behold some of summer’s must-haves beauty buys to recreate that less-is-so-much-more aura.


Rosy Glow blush


High Brow Duo Pencil


Fluff Up Brow Wax

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Bitten lip tint

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The Natural Glow Trend of 2024