The 2023 Beauty Drink Edit: My Top Picks for Radiant Health
From the Editor's Desk: Discover the Secret Sips for Ultimate Radiance and Health

Welcome to the age of beauty elixirs, where sipping your way to fabulous is the new norm! Gone are the days when beauty was just about what you slathered on your skin. Now, it's all about what flows through your cup. In this brave new world of beauty drinks, we're not just sipping on teas and coffees; we're guzzling down potions of radiance and vitality.

As your resident beauty mixologist and efficiency aficionado, I've been on a mission to find the crème de la crème of beauty drinks. And let me tell you, the hunt has been nothing short of a rollercoaster through wonderland! From marine miracles to nightly nectars, my top picks for 2023 are here to revolutionize your beauty routine, one sip at a time.

So, grab your glasses, lovely people, and get ready to toast to a year of glowing skin, lustrous hair, and nails that just won't quit. Here's my exclusive scoop on the beauty drinks that are making a splash this year – trust me, you're going to adore them!

1. INTU Wellness- Your Dreamy Nighttime Guardian Angel

When the moon winks and the stars align, it's time for INTU Wellness Sleep & Skin Renewal to take centre stage in my nightly saga. This isn't just a lullaby in a jar; it's a full-on beauty sleep symphony, serenading you into the land of Zs while giving your skin the royal treatment. Loaded with a dream team of astaxanthin, marine collagen, and magnesium glycinate, it's like a spa retreat for your skin every night.

But hold your pillows, there's more! This nocturnal elixir is a concoction of not one, not two, but eight dynamic ingredients, including the zen masters Lemon Balm and Passionflower. They're not just about sending you off to dreamland; they're on a mission to diffuse stress, fight those sneaky free radicals, and shower love on your hair and skin, keeping them hydrated and elastic.

Crafted for nightly indulgence, this powder doesn't just whisper sweet dreams; it ensures you wake up to a well-rested reflection and a thank-you note from your skin. So, make Sleep & Skin Renewal a non-negotiable in your nightly ritual. Trust me, your morning mirror-self will be sending you high-fives!

INTU WELLNESS was born out of necessity. Both Anna and I had young kids when the idea struck us. Struggling with sleep deprivation, low energy, and dull skin, we craved sound sleep during our rare rest moments," says Christie Whitehill, co-founder of INTU WELLNESS. "We envisioned a 'super powder' tailored for multi-tasking women in need of extra support. Our inaugural product aimed to promote restful sleep while nourishing the skin overnight, addressing the complex needs of modern women. - Christie Whitehill, co-founder of INTU WELLNESS


2. IMBEBE MIRACLE COLLAGEN - The Elixir of Youthful Vigor

Dive into the skin-deep wonders of IMBEBE MIRACLE COLLAGEN, where the beauty secret isn't just skin-deep, it's molecular! This isn't just another collagen cocktail; it's a bioactive peptide powerhouse with a mission. As we all know, collagen, our skin's loyal sidekick, tends to take a few hits over time, thanks to the usual suspects - stress, sunbathing escapades, and the city smog.

Enter Miracle Collagen, armed with its bioactive collagen peptides, precisely calibrated at a 2kDa molecular weight for maximum impact. It's like a pep rally for your skin cells, cranking up the collagen and elastin production to bring back that bounce in your skin and the shine in your hair and nails.

Think of it as your beauty toolkit's Swiss Army knife – perfect for those seeking an all-in-one beauty savior. Whether your goal is to outshine in a boardroom or simply outlast your busy day, this product is your go-to for a radiant reboot. So, if you're plotting a beauty revolution from within, IMBEBE MIRACLE COLLAGEN is your secret weapon. Charge forth and conquer!


3. METAMORPHOSIS Women's Blend - The Ultimate Menopause Ally

METAMORPHOSIS Women's Blend is our secret weapon against the trifecta of brain fog, restless nights, and energy slumps. It’s more than a supplement; it’s a choc-berry flavored superhero in a jar, perfectly blending nature’s finest to support your body and mind.

This potent mix is a brainpower booster with schisandra and zinc, a dream weaver with magnesium and selenium for deep sleep, and a stress buster with ashwagandha. But wait, there’s more! Cacao steps in to keep your blood flowing, rhodiola to lift your energy sky-high, and kale to keep those bones as strong as your spirit.

And for your gut? Acerola cherry and wheatgrass have got your back, while beetroot, goji, and maqui berries are your shield against cellular wear and tear, keeping your vessels hearty and healthy.

Navigating menopause? This blend is like having a wise best friend by your side. Its carefully researched and scientifically backed formula makes it a top-notch ally for those needing an extra oomph during this transformative time. Trust me, METAMORPHOSIS Women's Blend isn’t just good; it’s life-changing!


4. The Beauty Chef

GLOW® - The Radiance Maestro

Step into the spotlight with GLOW®, your daily dose of dazzle in a jar. It's not just a beauty powder; it's a one-stop shop for skin that radiates, hair that shines, and nails that don't quit. This formula isn't just buzzing with probiotics; it's a full-on party of skin-loving, energy-boosting, immune-strengthening goodies.

Think of Provitamin A and Vitamin C as your skin's personal cheerleaders, kicking cellular turnover into high gear and boosting collagen like nobody's business. Aging? Not on their watch. And let's not forget the dynamic duo of zinc and B vitamins (hello, biotin!), turning up your energy dial and keeping fatigue at bay.

But the real showstopper? Their exclusive GUT5Y™ strain, mingling with a crowd of prebiotics and postbiotics, because let's face it – a happy gut is the secret handshake to sensational skin! GLOW® isn't just a supplement; it's your ticket to the glow show. Lights, camera, radiance!



MARINE COLLAGEN – Your Pocket-Sized Beauty Secret

Dive into Vida Glow's Natural Marine Collagen, flaunting a zesty blueberry twist that's a treat for your skin, hair, and nails. Sourced from the best, sustainable fish in the sea, this collagen is not just about making waves in your beauty routine; it's a master at getting absorbed and turning back the clock on your skin. Clinically proven? You bet! Say adios to saggy skin and hello to youthful bounce.

What really hooks me is the sachet magic – these little wonders are like beauty pixie dust in your pocket. Whether you're jet-setting or just on a supermarket sprint, it's your go-to glam fix. Because who said you can't have your collagen and sip it too?


6. Energy & Skin Radiance Tub by INTU Wellness

Energy & Skin Radiance Tub by INTU Wellness - The Morning Elixir for Glow and Go

Kickstart your day with INTU's Energy & Skin Radiance supplement, my newfound morning sidekick that's redefining pep in my step. It's not just a vitamin cocktail; it's a symphony of skin-loving, energy-boosting, mood-lifting magic in every sip.

Loaded with Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and Ashwagandha, plus a full deck of B vitamins, it's like a sunrise in a cup for your skin and soul. This potion brews up 13 powerhouse ingredients, including a trio of collagen, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola, spiced up with Zinc and Iodine. It's a jolt of joy, a surge of sparkle, and a dose of dewiness all rolled into one.

What's the cherry on top? It's all-natural, scientifically savvy, and tastes like a treat. Wave goodbye to pill fatigue and say hello to this delightful powder. Integrate Energy & Skin Radiance into your AM ritual, and watch your day start on a high note. Here's to mornings that not just wake you up but also make you glow!


We have just launched two products that specifically address the crucial areas of gut health and energy. These concerns have resonated deeply with our valued customers, particularly women seeking comprehensive solutions. Our commitment to catering to diverse needs is evident in all of our products, which boast exceptional multifunctionality and incorporate a skin-focused element. We firmly believe that where there is wellness, beauty follows, and it is this philosophy that we proudly refer to as intuitive beauty.” Anna Robards Co-Founder of Intu Wellness

7. Pure Collagen Peptides - The Unflavoured Powerhouse

Here at Casper HQ, Dose & Co's Pure Collagen Peptides Unflavoured has become more than just a product; it's a part of our daily ritual. A sprinkle in our afternoon drinks, whether it's jazzing up our coffees or giving our shakes a nutritious boost, this collagen is our little secret to staying fabulous. Easily found at Coles and oh-so versatile, it's a superstar in a jar.

But wait, there's a plot twist! This isn't your average collagen powder. Supercharged with VERISOL® hydrolyzed collagen, it's a scientific marvel, proven to pump up skin hydration, increase elasticity, and soften those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. It's not just skin deep; this high-dose collagen concoction works its magic from the inside, illuminating your natural glow.

Sustainably sourced and packed with both Type I and Type III Bovine Collagen Peptides, it's a dream to mix and a cinch for your body to absorb. The proof's in the pudding – or should I say, in the stats: 89% rave about better skin hydration, 91% cheer for stronger nails, and 84% flaunt faster-growing hair. Now that's more than skin deep, courtesy of Dose & Co!


I trust my collagen hero lineup has sparked some beauty excitement in your routine! Which one are you itching to try? Go on, don't be shy – I'm all ears for your collagen adventures and misadventures. Share your experiences or even your secret beauty elixirs with us. Until we meet again in the realm of radiant skin and fabulous health, keep glowing!

Ciao for now,
Maria Ugrinovski


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The 2023 Beauty Drink Edit: My Top Picks for Radiant Health