Fashion Week Recap: Milan Men’s Fashion Week Highlights
Autumn and winter have never been so fiercely reimagined.

In the wake of the legacy left behind by icons such as Alexander McQueen and Dame Vivienne Westwood, alternative fashion is officially in this season, kick-started by Milan Men’s Fashion Week and their homage to the 1970’s for the start of the Autumn/Fall 2023 season.

Milan Men’s Fashion Week set the vibe for the year as vintage-70’s-chic, which reverberated throughout the collections from classic designers such as Prada to emerging acts including Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and DSquared2.

Paying the decade credit where it's due, this motif was felt all the way from the models’ cropped do’s to their glittery, pointed-toe shoes. Opting for classic timepieces of the era, the week began with statement striped faux fur and bubblegum pink coats straight from Studio 54, and ended on Sex Pistol-inspired cuts including crushed velvet suits, gothic lace tops, and corsets as outerwear in a series of iconic suit-and-tie combinations.

Autumn and winter have never been so fiercely reimagined, as this year’s menswear saw cosy classics paired with floor length trenches, v-necklines, skirts (both long and short), and an array of distinctive handbags. The result? Looks that were powerful in their gender-fluidity, as they oscillated beautifully between the masculine and feminine in all their textured, tailored, and sustainably made glory.

Look no further than Emporio Armani’s sacred heart magenta knitwear pieces, Fendi’s stunningly silhouetted capes, or Loverboy’s rabbit-eared and mini-skirt ensembles to find that the dominating inspiration for this year is looks that are daring, unique, and innovative!

Marrying the freeing flamboyance of the disco era with the sassy edge of the late 00’s, the collections showed that we are moving toward fashion that is eccentric and boundary pushing, while still being creative, fun to wear, and expertly and sustainably crafted.

Already, our beloved and bold new designers are forecasting the year ahead to be as playful, fresh, and exciting as their collections – and if that doesn’t encapsulate the mood of 2023, I don’t know what does!

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Fashion Week Recap: Milan Men’s Fashion Week Highlights