How to Boost Your Confidence When You Need It
Lifestyle Content Creator Tammy Christina gives us her best tips on how to up your confidence.

Confidence is incredibly important in all aspects of life. Whether it be at an event, meeting someone new or even just at home by yourself - it is important to feel good about yourself and put your best foot forward in your personal and professional circles. Confidence doesn't always come easily, and for many it's easier said than done. In situations where you might feel vulnerable, here are a few tips so you can feel and appear your most confident. 

1. Lead the conversation

Not all conversations are equal. It takes someone to kick things off; serve the ball, initiate and set the pace. In other words, one of you has to lead, and doing so will make you come across as confident! The easiest way to lead a conversation is to focus on honestly expressing yourself and then allowing them to respond. Think of something that really interests or excites you and use this to spark conversation to show you are in control of the situation, and confident in doing so.

2. Show off your pearly whites 

There is an incredibly easy way to appear more confident in situations - crack a smile. Research from SmileDirectClub has shown 30% of Aussies claim that a nice smile is the top physical feature that attracts them most to a person, by doing so you’re most likely attracting them, something that can give you a big confidence boost. 

What’s more, the research also revealed that Australians have a positive impression of people that smile, citing that they perceive those that smile as not only warm, but also welcoming and confident. All in all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so say cheese!.

3. Meeting another’s gaze 

Body language is very powerful in appearing more confident. Beyond a smile, eye contact is one of the strongest ways of connecting with another person. You’ll notice as humans we make assumptions about people’s personalities based on how much they meet our eyes or look away when we are talking to them. 

When you make eye contact, you show you are engaged in the conversation, so be sure to do this to connect and appear more confident in conversations. 

4. Invest in yourself 

Confidence is intrinsically linked to how you feel about yourself. It’s important feel good about who you are, so you can tackle any situation with beaming confidence. With this in mind, it’s important to invest in yourself and fix the things that might make you shy away from situations.

Research from SmileDirectClub found 23% of Aussies believe improving their smile would give them a confidence boost. So, be sure to identify what would make you feel best about yourself and invest in that so you can look and feel your most confident self. 

Tammy Christina is Red Carpet Reporter, Lifestyle Content Creator, and a member of SmileDirectClub’s Australian confidence council.

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How to Boost Your Confidence When You Need It