LED Skincare: Why It's Worth It
Did you know that LED light therapy was first used by NASA?

LED light therapy is an effective, non-invasive, and pain-free treatment that exposes your skin to coloured wavelengths to treat a wide variety of skin concerns and leave long-lasting results. The LED light regenerates the skin’s cells, reducing inflammation, healing wounds, stimulating collagen, and restoring radiance. We chatted with the CurrentBody team to break down all your questions about the hyped treatment. Keep reading and you just might jump on the bandwagon!

Q. What’s the difference between the CurrentBody LED mask and other ones? 

The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask is loved by professionals and celebrities alike. Most recently it was used by the Australian actress from the upcoming Elvis movie, Olivia De Jonge, whose makeup artist, Matin Maulawizada, to prep her skin before the Met Gala. The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask is made from patented flexible silicone that wraps perfectly around the face, ensuring the light penetrates every area of the skin. The device uses salon-grade technology that doctors and salons around the world use. It combines Red (633nm) and Near Infrared light (830nm) wavelengths, which have been proven in clinical trials to be the most effective and achieve the best results. 

Q. Is it safe to use LED at home for everyone? 

LED is safe for almost everyone to use and has no downtime. LED light uses longer wavelengths to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. There are different colours and wavelengths that have different benefits for the skin: 

  • Red light therapy is perfect for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation. 
  • Blue light is best suited for acne-prone skin and helps to eliminate bacteria and reduce oil production. 
  • Near Infra-Red light is absorbed by the deepest layers of the skin and is great for reversing signs of ageing, improving elasticity, stimulating cell regeneration to help with healing wounds, and reducing inflammation.  
  • Green light therapy is used to treat pigmentation, dark circles, and sunspots and helps calm down irritated or overstimulated skin.

LED isn’t safe for pregnant women or for some people on certain medications that make your skin sensitive to light.

Q. We have been using the LED mask for a while and have noticed significant changes in skin tone; what are other benefits we can see when using it consistently?

The device is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just 4 weeks. You will find over time that your skin feels plumper and firmer, looks more radiant, and exudes a youthful glow. 

Q. What’s the best way to use the LED mask – with clean skin, or after a skincare routine? 

The best way is to cleanse or exfoliate and apply the CurrentBody Green Tea serum, which has been clinically proven to boost the regenerative effects of LED, followed by a face roller such as the CurrentBody skin Face Sculptor, which pushes skincare deeper into your skin and can help relax facial tension and soothe your mind. This is a great way to prep before your ten-minute LED treatment and create the perfect wellness routine.  

Q. Any tips or recommendations to make the most out of the LED mask? 

As mentioned above, green tea has been clinically proven to boost the regenerative effects of LED when used before treatments. Another way to elevate your results is to use the CurrentBody Hydrogel Mask with the CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask. When used together, the LED light transfers through the mask, accelerating its results and leaving your skin instantly nourished and visibly glowing. In clinical trials, 100% of users said their face was more plumped and hydrated when using the device with the Hydrogel Face Mask. 


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Hero image by Fleur Kaan

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LED Skincare: Why It's Worth It