Muma World: The Environmental Beauty Brand You Need This Summer
Giving sustainability a modern edge, Muma World is taking the world by storm.

Muma World is the Byron Bay-based brand working to combine the worlds of beauty and fashion for a new generation. Launched by Saskia and Dave Frim, Muma was named after Saskia’s grandmother, with products and patterns being inspired by her eclectic style and grace. This influence more broadly translates into pieces inspired by the generations of women who have come before us, tapping into a connected experience through time.

It might be surprising to learn that Muma World wasn’t always a beauty and fashion brand. What initially began as a selection of natural lip-glosses became so much more during preparation for one of their beauty campaigns, when the designs originally intended for a range of silk scarves turned out to be too gorgeous for a shoot alone! That’s how Muma’s fashion collection was born, with their scarf designs becoming wearable prints on shirts, pants, and skirts.

Having become a dual beauty and fashion brand, Muma World offers a variety of products, but they remain committed to sustainability. They design their products around showcasing the native ingredients of a chosen region, releasing collections at their time of these plants’ bloom – a clever and innovative approach to the seasons!

In fact, their debut campaign, Verdant, was inspired by local ingredients found surrounding their area of residence in Byron Bay, including Davidson Plum and Rivermint. This environmental ethos underpins every facet of the brand: from their use of Cupro-blend materials (a.k.a. vegan silk) to their limited production processes, their commitment to social responsibility is strong.

We’re passionate about our lifestyle, wellbeing, and health, and wanted to create a product we weren’t only proud of, but one we’d wear.

Notably, each piece in the collection is interchangeable with another, a conscientious choice allowing individuals to wear, style, and enjoy the pieces in multiple ways, including dressed up, dressed down, or layered. It’s a collection for all ages and all genders, reflecting founder Saskia Frim’s deeply original sense of personal style. 

Muma World’s lip glosses and clothing collections are undeniably beautiful, either together or alone. To learn more about the brand, don’t miss their first campaign, Verdant, available now via their website.

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Muma World: The Environmental Beauty Brand You Need This Summer