The Secret to a Near-Instant Glowing Complexion with Beauty Expert Icy Ling
Ever wondered how you can get a post-holiday glow without the holiday?

Ultraformer III does exactly that – and it’s completely non-invasive and requires no downtime. In fact, the treatment is so efficient, you can get it done in your lunch break.

Perfectly fitting into your busy life, the Ultraformer III treatment instantly tightens and contours your face using the most advanced South Korean ultrasound technology in the world. Taking between 25 and 45 minutes, the state-of-the-art ultrasound technology goes deeper than any laser technology available on the market, allowing for a tighter, more contoured appearance – and it’s all without anaesthesia.

We discuss everything you need to know before having your Ultraformer III with ambassador and beauty expert Icy Ling.

Q: Hey, Icy, why did you decide to become an ambassador for Ultraformer III?

Hey, Casper Magazine (and readers)!

I have been working in the beauty industry for more than a decade. People do refer to me as an expert, especially with skin care – I believe in having good skin as an essential part of achieving true beauty.

I am turning 38 this year and I’ve started to notice women around me changing – most of them are like me with sophisticated skincare routines and are very selective on products. They consistently look for a quick fix and are willing to invest in skin treatments.

But I am still new to this area of the beauty world. My biggest hesitation with Ultraformer III wasn’t just about discomfort, but that I never wanted people to notice a huge change.

I hope I am able to connect Ultraformer III with all the women out there looking for skin lifting and tightening solutions so we can all look youthful and beautiful.

Q: Can you take us through the whole experience?

Well, it did start with Googling and doing heaps of research as well as having long conversations with my industrial friends.

I was nervous before my first treatment, but the Cryomed team answered every question in detail and took any of my stress away. They also understood the Asian market so well, so they knew where some of my worries came from. I was able to walk into the treatment room with no question marks in my head – that made it a really a good start.

My treatment took 45 minutes and targeted my whole face, including my eye areas. I also had the treatment on my chin area to prevent a double chin. I experienced minimal discomfort – for me it felt more like a repetitive form of tingling sensations that you would normally experience during your first ever facial peel. I didn’t have much redness at all, either, and that was such a great relief because I could go back to my day – having coffee, wearing makeup, and attending events.

The first noticeable results appeared immediately after I had half of my face done – the eye area was instantly tightened. Everyone in the treatment room was able to see it.

For the first week, I did feel a little sore touching my face. But as someone who bruises easily, I had no bruises at all.

Apart from my eye areas, I am still seeing results day by day. My face is plumper, and it is more lifted, which I can see in photos. I am able to smile and laugh confidently, which you can see from my recent Instagram posts. I’ve also had a lot of compliments on my complexion. People have even asked me if I have changed my skincare or foundation. Thanks, it’s Ultraformer!

Q: What would you say is the main difference between Ultraformer III and any other procedures you might have tried?

I haven’t had a lot of procedures done. Compared to the ones I have tried, I feel UFIII’s result are more instant – but in a subtle way, not like someone instantly notices it. The discomfort level was so minimal. I was literally chatting with the clinician during the entire treatment. And there’s no downtime! This is the kind of treatment you could book anytime during the day and not be afraid to going out after (just make sure you apply sunscreen afterwards).

Q: As a beauty devotee, do you think this treatment is for everyone?

It’s great for anyone who is concerned about their skin losing firmness. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in the beauty world, and it’s the same with the Ultraformer III treatment. But I still want to encourage everyone (including men) to talk to an expert about Ultraformer III. You see, when we buy new skincare, we go through a skin consultation first and for the Ultraformer III treatment, it is the same idea – out of all the skin concerns you have, which one worries you the most – and that is what you should be treating first (unless your clinician has an alternative plan for you to follow step by step). Not to mention, Ultraformer III is quite multi-purposed; you can even have the treatment on your body. So why not book a consultation and ask what Ultraformer III treatment would suit you?


Big thanks to Icy Ling for talking to us about the Ultraformer III treatment! If you liked this article, you might like our feature about another non-surgical anti-ageing procedure – thread lifts!

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The Secret to a Near-Instant Glowing Complexion with Beauty Expert Icy Ling