Alba Springs: Bask in Luxury at this New Victorian Spa
Unwind with nature this holiday season at the Alba Thermal Springs and Spa.

Situated midway between the Bass Strait and the calmer waters of Port Phillip Bay, the Alba Thermal Springs and Spa promotes healing through the natural elements, using water therapy to rejuvenate the body and mind. The facilities are surrounded by wooded hilltops, hidden gardens, and peaceful coastal views, nestling visitors within the natural environment of the surrounding Moonah Woodland.

The Alba experience is designed to be grounding, evident in all aspects of the spa’s facilities. From their ‘digital detox’ phone ban to their use of organic materials in treatment rooms and pools, the spa cultivates a calm atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding, helping people to disconnect from the stresses of every-day life.

From its inception, the ethos behind Alba was based on finding synergies between the environment, community, culture and history.

Predicted to be Australia’s best bathing and wellness experience, the Alba boasts an impressive array of thalassotherapy features. The spa hosts 32 elegant outdoor and open-air bathing pools, ranging from geothermal and cold plunge pools to herbal-infused botanical pools. Each pool serves a different purpose, which is shown in their design: some are submerged in a flowering meadow while others are open to the sky or exposed to drifts of grasses, allowing guests either to socialise or detox in peaceful privacy.

If indoor facilities are more your speed, the relaxation lounge is the perfect place to unwind. Alba Springs features 22 exclusive spa treatment rooms, including dry saunas, steam rooms, Vichy showers, single or double massage rooms, and separate manicure and pedicure lounges. And with a view overlooking the extensive native gardens and water features, could there be anything more calming than that?

If you want to spend the whole day at Alba (and trust us, you will!), make sure to book in for a dining experience at their in-house restaurant, Thyme. Created by well-known Melbourne chef Karen Martini, the venue offers exquisite dishes made from local, organic, and seasonal produce of the highest quality. From honeycomb and nutmeg yoghurt to their signature veggie and tuna bowls, the menu offers something for everyone, expertly upholding its commitment to be fresh, healthy, and flavour driven.

The Alba Thermal Springs and Spa is set to be on everyone’s watchlist this summer as the place to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate this holiday season. Treat yourself to some luxury wellness by booking a package there this summer!

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Christina Howard

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Alba Springs: Bask in Luxury at this New Victorian Spa