Leonardo Da Vinci's Legacy Illuminated in Melbourne
Where Renaissance Meets the Future

In an epoch-making event, Melbourne becomes the latest city to host an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci. Opening its doors on March 16, 2024, THE LUME Melbourne presents "Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius," an immersive showcase that invites visitors to delve into the world of one of history’s most prolific geniuses.

For the first time in Australia, the Codex Atlanticus, a voluminous collection of Leonardo's drawings and writings, will be on display. This significant feat marks a new chapter in international cultural exchange, facilitated by a longstanding partnership with Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, the custodian of much of Leonardo's legacy.

Beyond the pages of the Codex Atlanticus, the exhibition brings to life Leonardo's machine inventions through to-scale reconstructions crafted by Italian artisans. These inventions demonstrate Leonardo's visionary mind, which seamlessly traversed the realms of art, science, engineering, and more. Visitors will also encounter the only exact 360º replica of the Mona Lisa, offering an intimate exploration of the world's most famous painting, alongside the revelation of 25 secrets about the masterpiece, uncovered through the advanced technology employed by Pascal Cotte, a leading authority on the painting.

The ambition behind this showcase reflects the dedication of Bruce Peterson, Founder of THE LUME Melbourne, who, along with his family, relocated to Italy to forge essential connections with Italian and French artisans, historians, and curators. This cross-continental collaboration underscores a shared commitment to celebrating Leonardo's unparalleled contributions to humanity.

Spanning 3,000 sqm and four stories, THE LUME Melbourne's multisensory gallery offers an unprecedented experience. Through sights, sounds, scents, and touch, visitors are transported to the Renaissance era, exploring the landscapes and cityscapes that influenced Leonardo. The exhibition's comprehensive approach provides something captivating for all ages, from VR experiences that fulfill Leonardo's dream of flight to an artist studio where visitors can create their own masterpieces under the guidance of Leonardo's techniques.

Caffè Medici adds another layer to the immersive experience, offering a Renaissance-themed culinary journey against the backdrop of a life-size reproduction of "The Last Supper." Meanwhile, interactive exhibits like the Vitruvian Man and AI-generated personal sketches bridge the gap between past and future, showcasing the enduring relevance of Leonardo's work.

"Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius" not only celebrates the legacy of a master but also invites reflection on the nature of genius, creativity, and the unquenchable curiosity that drives human progress. As visitors walk through the expansive gallery, they are reminded of the power of art and science to inspire across centuries.

Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition start at $29.90, offering access to a world where the past and future converge, illuminated by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. For more information, visit thelumemelbourne.com and prepare to be transported into the mind of a master whose work continues to fascinate and inspire the world.


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Leonardo Da Vinci's Legacy Illuminated in Melbourne