Virgin Active Australia Introduces the Sound Bath class
A symphony for mind and body wellness

In a dynamic fusion of yoga and sound healing, Virgin Active Australia unveils its latest offering – the Sound Bath class, an exclusive and innovative practice designed to elevate the well-being of its participants. Launched at select locations, this transformative experience immerses individuals in the therapeutic sounds of crystal singing bowls, providing a serene sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Sound Bath advantage:

Central to the Sound Bath experience is sound healing, renowned for its profound impact on fostering harmony within the body and mind. By reducing tension, alleviating stress, and balancing the nervous system through the synchronisation of the brain's hemispheres, this unique class offers a pathway to deep peace and overall well-being. Positioned as a therapeutic practice, the Sound Bath takes participants on a journey from dissonance to resonance, delivering benefits such as stress reduction, enhanced pain management, improved sleep quality, emotional regulation, mindfulness elevation and a bolstered immune system.

What to expect:

The Sound Bath class promises simplicity and profound relaxation, featuring just two gentle yoga poses followed by a period of complete rest. Attendees are encouraged to prioritise comfort, donning cozy exercise clothing and utilising blankets provided by participating locations for added warmth. Rooted in ancient practices, sound healing finds its roots in Australia, with First Nations Australians employing the didgeridoo over 40,000 years ago for healing purposes.

Popularity and accessibility:

The surge in popularity of sound bathing can be attributed to its accessibility, cathartic nature and connection with the fundamental aspects of resonance and vibration. Virgin Active's Sound Baths utilise high-quality quartz crystal bowls, resonating at frequencies believed to induce ultimate harmonic alignment, resulting in both physical and emotional healing. Scientific studies, such as one conducted in Italy, support these claims, demonstrating lowered blood pressure and heart rate among participants.

Wellness from within

Virgin Active emphasises that wellness starts from within, making the inclusion of Sound Bath in their repertoire of restorative and recovery-based options both intuitive and natural. Trained instructors deliver harmonic experiences that care for and nurture the body, mind and soul. This modern twist allows participants to engage in sound healing amidst the same space where they can lift weights, relax in a sauna, indulge in cycling sessions, or find a new friend.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being as Virgin Active Australia invites you to embrace the transformative power of sound with its revolutionary Sound Bath class.

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Virgin Active Australia Introduces the Sound Bath class